Lots of News Including Letter from Lacey!

Hello everyone! We are so happy to bring wonderful news! We have finished recording our new record, Memento Mori! We want to thank you for all of your stories and encouragement. It has really influenced us to make the music for Memento Mori what it is. If you relate to the songs, you might be happy to know that the stories you’ve shared with us have impacted who we are and that it has come out in the music. You are beautiful people and your stories are filled with hope and overcoming and we are better people for having known you through your emails, letters, and seeing you at shows.

We picked the title Memento Mori because even though God has given us favor and your support has allowed us to taste fame and turned us from slaves to kings in some sense, we are humbled by all that has happened because we recognize that we are regular people and no better than anyone else. Our success has been a foolish thing to confound the wise, beating odds and exceeding all we could have imagined for our lives. Memento Mori means that no matter who you are, we are all mortal. There is no king that won’t face a mortal death the same as a slave. So kings and slaves alike should make the most of life and love everyone as selflessly as possible, because tomorrow is another day, and kings can fall, becoming slaves, and slaves can be promoted to become kings.

If you’ve had the opportunity to come out to some of our shows within the past year you will have heard the first single Again already! It should hit the radio in the next couple weeks… But you crazy people seem to know what’s happening with us before we do and I’m not surprised to find out many have known the lyrics to Again for a year now. :-) The first verse and chorus did change in the studio! It is a good thing, because the words say better what my heart meant. It is written for people like me, who feel a restlessness to make the world better somehow, but are much to small to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Its to say, you have the right heart, but you weren’t meant to carry it all. You are so strong, you are able to handle so much! But you can’t handle everything all at once. Let go! God’s big and He can handle it all better than you! Its okay to let go and not understand everything. I should start a control freak support group… Anyone interested? Maybe this song will help us. I sing it to myself “Only surrender will help you now..” And then I let go.

Thanks for reading this and caring what we are up to. We are so thankful for you!

-Lacey Sturm (Yes I got married 9-6-08 and changed my name because my husband is AMAZING and I love belonging to him.)

In addition to Lacey’s letter, a brand new version of the official Flyleaf site will be available for viewing on August 18, 2009. Some of you have gotten a sneak preview via being active here, on the Street Team, or the Passerby Army, but it will be going live to the world on August 18. Very exciting! To anyone who hasn’t seen the new site yet, it’s such an upgrade from the previous. A great interactive venue for Flyleaf fans to get to know each other and share information about the band.

The single for Again will be released on August 25, 2009. Street Team members have already gotten a sneak preview of the song, but it’ll be released to radio on that day.

Something interesting to note is that there will be official listening parties for Memento Mori in five different places around the United States. Not many details have been released, but here is some information from Flyleaf’s mailing list:

In the spirit of progress towards the release of our album we are proud to announce a rare, intimate tour! The Road to Memento Mori! We will be traveling around the country and hosting five listening parties for Memento Mori! Best of all, you all get to vote for which parties we will attend! Stay tuned for more details, and be eady to vote for your city and your chance to join us at this rare appearance. More details to come!

43 thoughts on “Lots of News Including Letter from Lacey!

  1. Madeleine

    Awww! YAY!
    I’m so excited for the new album. :)

    But, can someone tell me what exactly a “listening party” is?

  2. brit

    yea i also really loved her letter..i dont think ill ever delete it..i liked how she explained the reason for changing the lyrics to again..that helped me appreciate them a lot more..August 25 cant come soon enough!!!

  3. rhia

    haha what a great letter. i love hearing directly from the band members..
    listening party?
    or nearby…
    San Francisco is a great place for a listening party. :)
    we miss you over here!
    p.s. she could change the lyrics to any song and i’d just love it more

  4. Arthur

    I love the letter its cool that she expland the change to again i knew it was for good reason. I hope they come close to RI with that listen party and cant wait for again. And the new site is awsome everyone should like it.

  5. Flyleaffan01

    this was a post from “Fireflight” on Facebook and it its so true : Fireflight we totally rocked the river…so did flyleaf…

  6. Connie Linghuss

    I’m not sure,but I think lacey just called us slaves.The whole king/slave analogy is confusing

  7. Laura

    Connie – I’m sure she meant it that no matter what level you are in society (rather it be president or homeless), we’re all humans and we can all fall from out positions or gain positions. So live your life today with no restictions or hesitations. If that made sense.

  8. rhia

    if she was calling us slaves then that means she was calling herself and her band mates Kings, which is something they seem to try to avoid being seen as.

  9. rhia

    haha Ocean Waves and Penholder have been head to head for 4th place in the song poll for a while. they seem to always stay within 2 votes of eachother. it keeps getting me all anxious like oh crap is it going to beat Ocean Waves?, but then i look up and see Broken Wings has hundreds more votes…

    this isn't an interesting comment, but nothing else was being discussed so

    i'll go now.

  10. Julia

    Hey : ) Thank you for answering me so rapidly & for all you said about my work =D I’m very pleased with your comment ! Hope we’ll speak again a next time & good continuation !

  11. Julia

    Oh, I’ve forgotten to ask you something in my last comment >< Do you know the Flyleaf email adress ? Or the email adress of one of the members ? I look for it since a long time , and I tried to send them a mail on Myspace but it refused to work. It doesn't matter if you don't got it or if you can't give it but I've so many things to say to them so it would be great if I can write to them : )

  12. Maxine

    oh my gosh! i love this, i love lacey, and i love her little thing about her husband in the last line of her letter!
    BUT, i wish they’d come to Canada (saskatoon please!)

  13. rhia

    i couldn’t resist. Again sounds amazing.
    though how dare you post that on youtube >.>

  14. Dustin

    Oh well, for everyone saying its not supposed to be posted, the songs coming out in a couple of weeks so whats the harm in a 30 second clip, right?
    We all love Flyleaf obviously, so I don’t understand why its not allowed to be posted, unless its copyrighted which is probaly is by Octone Records or was teh 30 second clip supposed to be posted on the stream team anyways just saying, please don’t flame.

  15. broken_wings

    that’s no fair!!!!!!! the song (even when it is 30 seconds) never have to be posted because it’s like a gift to the members of the FlyLeaf’s streat team (even when i’m not a streat team member but i’m still waiting for that glorious tuesday)
    it’s a shame people can’t wait for it!!!!!

    You’re NOT supporting their work!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jackie

    The 30 sec clip WAS (not screaming just emphasis) supposed to be posted just on the ST…but it got leaked a few weeks ago and was taken down from there…oh well it’s coming out soon anyway…:)

  17. Arthur

    Flyleaf is my favorite group and i dont like when there stuff gets leaked but i think this is a good thing. A lot of fst members are bashing the song and ruining it for outher people when its there JOB to support the group. Like i said before the clip of again sounds great and memento mori will be the best album of the year cant wait to pick it up:)

  18. brit

    thank you thank you thank you soooo much tyler!!!! you are amazing!!!!! i just have to listen to it like a thousand times more!!!

  19. rhia

    isn’t bashing the song kind of against what being a part of that team is for? i don’t know the exact point ot it, but i THINK being on the street team is to promote the band, their merchandise, and their songs. especially their NEW studio versions of songs, i would think. i think Again sounds amazing. i don’t mind the voice-over, i think it’s beautifully done. the chorus seems to be the only part with that in it though, so if you really cannot stand that part there’s the whole rest of the song. + we haven’t even rly heard the rest of the song. omgz am so excited i can’t stop typing ishgfiuvbwgbiugb
    like if i keep talking about the new songs they will come out sooner.
    damn i should join that street team o.0

  20. shirlee

    on the king & slave thing..it’s pretty deep & thought provoking stuff. I think lacey or whoever came up with it, gets really deep into lyrics & meaning it seems. If you listen to what she is saying in her letter, you realize that it is about ‘perceived’ power or fame that they are greater than others or that they will live on forever. perceived being the key point. It is obvious that she is using the band as her example of how people look up to them as something really special when in fact the reality is they are just like us & nothing like kings …momento mori
    exactly like you said Rhia that she talks about all the time.
    hope that makes sense? it’s one of those things that you have to know their history of telling us that stuff all the time to see where they are coming from or it can be misinterpreted.

  21. shirlee

    important note that i forgot to mention (i talk too much)… it means the opposite too.. the person that perceives themselves to be a nobody can, in reality, have the ability to attain the position of a king (like the band came from nowhere to the big stage). king to slave or slave to king..momento mori

  22. cherlan

    is so cool that members of the band write to us and let us know what is going on.
    Lacey could change the lyrics to any of the songs and i would still love them, her and everyone else in the band; Lacey is my ideal.
    Lacey has a great way of explaining things its so cool. She is great with words.

  23. rhia

    i wonder if Jared or James have written any lyrics in their songs or if it’s just the instrumental bits. maybe they did on the new record. i know they all work on each song together but i meant if they had a full song written. yah.. i know Sameer wrote for one of the newer songs (Have We Lost?) and Pat wrote a song (Beautiful Bride?) with Lacey but i never hear about J or J.


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