Vh1 Top 10 Rock Videos of 2008

Flyleaf has been considered to be one of the Top 10 Rock Videos of 2008 by VH1 with their video for All Around Me. You can view the video, and the news about it here Congrats to the band on their success in 2008. It was really a great year for them.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful holiday. I’m really excited for when things pick up again with the band in the New Year. News on them has been really quiet, but I’ve heard that they’ve been in LA recording, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it went well if that’s true.

55 thoughts on “Vh1 Top 10 Rock Videos of 2008

  1. Jackie

    lol…yeah sorry for putting that info from there on here….i didn’t know it was that unreliable…sorry! (I feel really stupid)

  2. Todd

    What kind of music do you think the second CD will have on it? Will it, for instance, have a softer tone to it, an older more mature Flyleaf? What genre is the band Flyleaf anyway, their music varies so much from singing traditional religious chorus as openings to other songs to songs like Red Sam (which I love) to Harder songs like I’m So Sick. Even though Lacey is Christian she yells so loud like she is screaming in your ears in one song but singing in pitch for other softer songs. So, I am wondering exactly what the general tone of the new album will be – softer or harder!

  3. Jackie

    i REALLY REALLY hope it will be a mix like the last album!!! It’s my favorite cd ever!!! I luv how Flyleaf can be rocking out and screaming one minute and the next, Lacey’s singing a softer, slower song. No matter what their album sounds like though, as long as they stay true to themselves, I will LOVE it!


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