Just a note…

I just wanted to make a few very important things clear to the people that visit this site. After the discussion that went on in the last post, I feel that it’s necessary.

Some people feel that they are owed certain information regarding Lacey’s husband or pictures of Lacey’s wedding because they’re really big fans and they put X amount of money into supporting Flyleaf. You pay for what you get. You buy a CD? You get a CD. You buy a Flyleaf shirt? You get a shirt. Buy a concert ticket? You get an awesome show. Unless Flyleaf starts a fund where people donate money to their cause in exchange for rights to pry into their business, you don’t automatically get the rights to information about their private lives unless they choose to let you know.

I do not post pictures or information that invades the band’s private life. Any pictures that are used on the site that show life outside of a show/TV special/their MySpace/etc. were given to the site by people who work closely with the band or are in the band. I make it a point to respect their private lives as much as possible.

So the point of this is to ask that people respect their right to privacy. Any details about Lacey’s marriage, or personal information about any of the members of this band will be removed from this site unless it comes from Flyleaf directly. Thank you, come again. :]