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Sameer did an interview very recently with Jason Fisher of He talked a lot about their Nightmare Before Christmas cover of “What’s This”, as well as about the new album.

The Gauntlet: How long are you planning to record the album?

Sameer: However long it takes. With our last record, we got there in January and left in March. So around two months, but we will see how long this one will take. We really learned a lot making the first album and talking with the bands we toured with. We are further into our craft now, haven’t mastered it yet.

The Gauntlet: How many songs are you planning to record?

Sameer: I think we want twelve songs on the record. We might have more, but we want around twelve. We have thirty to choose from and we just wrote more last week so we will see how it goes.

The Gauntlet: Because the band came up in popularity so quickly, you began playing headlining sets of 90 mins with a 40 min album. Due to this, Flyleaf began playing new songs on the road for the last couple years. Will any of those songs that fans might already know make it to the album?

Sameer: I don’t know. I would like to hear a few of those songs again on the record. I would like to hear Justice and Mercy on the record even though that was released on an EP. We have enough songs so we don’t have to repeat songs we have been playing but we will see how it goes. The label will have some input and so will the producer. We will take everyone’s suggestions with a grain of salt.

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17 thoughts on “The Gauntlet Interview

  1. franklin

    that’s great to hear! i can’t believe that they only get to pick 12 out of 30 songs! too bad they can’t use all 30, that would make everyone happy :] and i definitely do hope they get more freedom when they finalize the songs. it doesn’t seem fair that they changed their songs just so they could be “popular”! i think all the rap and hip hop on the radio these days is way too over-rated. rock n’ roll is classic, we should stick with it. that conversation about sameer half naked…well…no comment… GOOD LUCK FLYLEAF! (btw i thought they already went into the studio, but he said that they were gonna go in like 2 weeks?)

  2. lindy

    i hope justice and mercy is on the album, that would rock! and i hope they are able to get across more what they want to in compromising with the producers…

  3. Melissa

    I just hope everyone is happy (everyone as in the band) with the way the album comes out. They didn’t seem to happy about the first one..maybe they will have more chose in the matter. :] either way I still love Flyleaf.

  4. kellzie

    oh my gosh I started jumping up and down when he said they have 30 WHOLE SONGS TO CHOOSE FROM! I mean there are 30 brand new Flyleaf songs for us to here! WOOOOOOOO! im so excited now!!!!!

  5. Drew

    Wow, THIRTY songs? That’s a lot to choose from, haha. I’m so excited…I can’t wait for the album to come out. It’s gonna be great. Thanks for posting this, Brittany. Awesome interview. :D

  6. Noel

    I agree with everone whos already posted, lol. I had hoped that it would be a bigger album…a 2 disc CD would be really cool…and hopefully the songs that dont go on are released as an ep or something, no matter what i’m positive the next album will be awesome.

  7. Bre

    Yep, a 2 disc would be absolutely awesome! But, once they already have so many new songs I’m not excited to see some “old songs” such as Justice And Mercy on the new record. I’d rather have something completely new, ’cause you know, has been so long ago since they recorded an album…!

    Anyway, completely excited about this stuff. They rock, no matter what! ;D

  8. Mitch

    That’s awesome news for my birthgday (Halloween :D)!!!! Can’t wait, they are awesome live, so energetic and fun to watch and their music is simply inspirational and just awesome!

  9. Eugene

    I just hope they would release the album sooner .. !!
    because I just can’t wait XD and I might spend my money on other things XD
    and I know their songs are gonna be pretty cool and great and inspirational
    and has positive messages …

  10. Krista

    Wow…it’s amazing how many new songs they’ve been working on.I remember when it was just 8 songs and now they’re at 30?!It’s absolutely amazing and I’m sure the new album is going to be absolutely phenominal.Can’t wait.I’m so very excited.Best of luck to them.I hope they’re able to get their voices to be heard more by their record company and producer.They truly deserve it.That I have no doubt about.


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