ACL Altitude Interview

58 thoughts on “ACL Altitude Interview

  1. Christina

    Well she’s wearing the same outfit that she wore on TRL, which was back in.. May? So I’m guessing it was shot somewhere in New York.

  2. lindetta

    I think she is just wearing an old outfit… cause ACL is Austin City Limit a music event that Austin has every year just like SXSW. So no… it wasnt somewhere in New York… Austin Texas all the way :) Im kinda bias cause i live in Austin…

  3. Laura

    Lindetta, Christina wasn’t talking about the video in Brittany’s update. She was talking about in the links of Flyleaf preforming acoutsticly that I posted.

    And Christina, that’s what I thought too, but I didn’t want to lead it anywhere because I’m not sure.

  4. Cheryl

    Thanks for the new stuff brittney, must be harder to keep things going online while the band is on a break…but hey, their stuff is great enough to keep us going till the new stuff comes out (can’t wait) opinion…I really loved ‘what’s this’ !!! a different sound for them but i could still hear Lacey in there & that made it great. I am putting in my vote again for a Christmas cd, acoustic. I would love that.

  5. Adrianne

    that was a great interview. i’m glad to hear that lacey still has a voice after shows these days! :) i love lacey. she’s so smart. i agree with like….everything she says. abortion is murder! and i agree with jared as well. i don’t like the democrat or republican candidate. but THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO!! Bob Barr ’08!


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