Anniversary of Flyleaf Album Release

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Flyleaf’s debut album release. In the next few days, the band is going to start rehearsing and recording for their follow up with Howard Benson. When did you guys get into this band, and what drew you to them? What do you want to see the next time around as far as the new record, and what elements of the old record do you want to see live on? I’m curious to hear everyone’s answers.

In other news, I have some more pictures from ACL:

65 thoughts on “Anniversary of Flyleaf Album Release

  1. Eliza

    The first time I heard Flyleaf was on the radio about 3 years ago. I had never heard a girl scream like that it ..actually scared me. I bought their cd. They have a very unique band I love it. I love the honesty and the sense of hope and peace that is conveyed. I didn’t really “get into them” until this past year. Been going through a lot of my own crap and Thinking about suicide a lot and hearing someone elses story and hearing such a beautiful amazing voice saying that God is there God loves you more than anyone ever could has been great for me.
    I don’t know what I would like to see for their new stuff …just more of the same. Honesty. Hope. MORE SCREAMING LACEY!!!

  2. Avis-Ray

    I heard about Flyleaf when I seen their music video for “I’m So Sick” on TVU ( At first I thought they were some weird, psychotic, demon possessed group because of the way Lacey acts at the beginning of the video and how she screamed. Later on, I seen the video for “Fully Alive” on TVU and I think that was what got me really into them and I got on the Internet and started listening to their songs, and bought their CD off of iTunes. Ever since, I’ve been a HUGE fan! (and for the record, I don’t think Lacey was demon possessed in that video anymore, lol)
    That was around the time I started listening to more rock music, because before I used to listen to Jump5 and stuff like that (pop music). Flyleaf was the first real ROCK band that I got into.
    For their second album, I hope there is more real and in-depth songs with great meanings.

  3. Krista

    I first heard Flyleaf when my sister was on yahoo music watching I’m So Sick,which had just come out.And quite honestly the thing that drew me to them automatically was Lacey’s voice.It was something I’d never heard before and it sounded absolutely amazing(still does).On the upcoming record I would definitely like Lacey to continue screaming because it sounds awesome and also because most people think only guys can scream but she really makes you think twice about that.It’d be nice to heard most solos and stuff as far as instrumentals go.Whatever they do I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.:)

  4. Stephen

    I actually just discovered Flyleaf this summer. I was listening to Air One, which I usually don’t listen to, and I heard a kind of music that I’ve only heard from 2 other bands. I was really shocked that a station like Air One actually played a band that good. What really hooked me, besides the intense music, was Lacey’s voice. It was real. I really felt like she was connecting through the songs. It had meaning. Something that’s missing from music, especially Christian music. My suggestion would be to keep your heart in it. That’s what we as fans really love. Be honest and definitely keep your intensity. Sometimes we get so caught up with keeping our thoughts to ourselves, it hurts inside. Being able to crank up and scream and let God know our pain really helps. So, thank you for everything. Keep rockin.

  5. brit

    The first time i heard flyleaf was right before my junior year of high school which was in 05..i was browsing my friends xanga sites and came across a friends site, who i had not spoken to in a while..well i was reading her site and im so sick came on in the background..i instantly fell in love with it..obviously her screaming was the thing that grabbed my attention since im mostly into screamo/hardcore kind of music..i became obsessed with that song and told my best friend about them too..she became in love with them too and got me tickets to their show as a b-day present which was in a month…we saw them live, they signed my cd..and after listening to their whole cd, and finding out lacey’s story…well i was hooked on flyleaf..

    ive seen them live 3 times and even got a front row seat before which was the best concert ive ever been too..flyleaf brought me through the hells of high school and even my best friends death..i cant thank them enough for what they have done for me..i dont know any other band that has done what they have done to me..i looove their lyrics and im able to relate to almost every song which i really love..i honestly dont know what i would have done without flyleaf..i even have a flyleaf tattoo on my back!!

    i hope their next cd is a lot like their first one…deep lyrics, heavy rock beats and definately screaming..i am sooo stoked for their new cd and whatever they do..i know it was be amazing!
    god bless you flyleaf..and thank you for everything!!

  6. Sarah

    I don’t remember exactly when I discovered Flyleaf–sometime in 2005 or 1006. I DO remember how though. I had just come out of a really dark place in my life, and I went on one of those sites where you can find buddy icons for AIM. I searched ALIVE, and an icon reading ‘Fully Alive’ came up. The description said that it was a song title by a band called Flyleaf. I looked it up and was hooked. I went out to by their CD a week or so later. Now, I have both their LP and Special Edition, as well as having downloaded all their EP/unreleased music. Their poster is on the center of my wall, I’ve seen them live twice, and the band sweatshirt is the only one I ever wear.

    Their message and Lacey’s story is so inspiring, it keeps my faith up and keeps me going when I feel like I can’t get up in the mornings. I hope they keep making music for a while, to spread their message to others who need it.

    —//Sarah M.

  7. deany

    the first time i heard flyleaf was on the movie, die hard 4, lol sounds wierd but it was in the guys appartment playing in the background. I liked the song that was playing and it got me into their music that they play. :]

  8. lindy

    ugh…i love twilight and i love flyleaf, but for some reason i hate it when they are mixed. it’s like i love cheesecake and i love spaghetti but they could never mix ya know?

  9. Mindy

    I first heard of Flyleaf cleaning house! I was cleaning listening to Sirius Radio on our tv (back in 2005) when “I’m So Sick” came on. I loved the song so much, it got to where I listened to that same channel all the time because I always went around with that song stuck in my head. I didn’t even know who they were but I knew I already looked up to this awesome screamer that was Lacey. I eventually bought the cd and the rest is history. Two concerts, front row of both, every possible cd and piece of merchandise I can get my hands on, I love them! People tell me that hearing Flyleaf reminds them of me, which is cool! I love what they stand for, their attitudes, and their genuine love for God and their fans. They are a breath of fresh air, and their lyrics are brilliant, not to mention every piece of music, new and old, they’ve ever written. On top of all that, people tell me I look a lot like Lacey! I take it as a complement! :)

  10. Jessica

    The first time I heard about Flyleaf was 2006. Around the end of summer before freshman year.
    I was always driving in the car listening to this rock station and I heard Fully Alive all the time. Even though they were getting played on the radio a lot, no one really knew who they were.
    But I had to find out who sang it because it was amazing.
    So I found out and started getting into them. Then I saw the So Sick video after that and I’m like “Wait this sounds familiar”
    So I think i heard the song before but never knew it was them.
    Pretty much my story. Then of course I started getting into the lyrics and what they were all about and it made me fall in love even more = )

  11. Nathan

    You know, I came across you guys through an online community several years ago. It was basically a group that’s purpose was to share christian artists. I loved listening to the album over and over. I’m not sure what it was about it that I connected so much with. I think part of it was that the vocals were always emotional. Whether it be intense or light, it was REAL and relevant to the song. I think there is a lot of frustration and misleading in the world that no one wants to talk about, or they don’t know how to express it….

    Anyways, I was so geeked when I saw that you guys had a track on Rockband! Seriously, so much potential right there to reach people, I loved it! I love the confused look people give me when I tell people who know of “Flyleaf” that you guys are Christian. :D God is truly giving you all an opportunity to reach people that others have only dreamt of.

    What am I looking for/hope to hear? Music real and from the heart. I think you had it on target with that interview with “ACL Altitude”. Relevant music that people can relate to with whats going on in their life. Of course, way tougher than it sounds. I also wonder if the one who knows best what to compose is the one who is always with us, everywhere.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.


  12. Cherity

    Well what first attracted me to them was when i was sitting at my dad’s and this video came on the TV. And it was Flyleaf’s song I’m So Sick. And i immediately fell in love with it! Then i started to listen to more of there songs, and i cam to just love the band!

  13. brea mack

    Hi,my name is Brea and thanks to u flyleaf and ur music I’ll woundn’t be here today.I was goin’ through
    all these feelings with my mom and feelings that I had to deal with and it was hell for me and my family
    and without god and ur songs I wound’t have made it.So I thank u and hope u contuine with the great


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