ACL Show

The whole show is here, uncut and unedited. The separate songs will be uploaded soon. Enjoy!

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  1. Christina

    Hm is it just me or did Lacey say “And I’m Lacey Stern” while she was saying who everyone was before they played Have We Lost..? Lol, maybe I’m hearing things.

  2. rover

    hey! thank you!, i saw it yesterday but i missed like, 15 mins of the show!, they played awesome, and lacey need to rest her voice…=)

    thanks again for uploading it!

    greetings from mexico

  3. Jess

    that was incredible!! thank you so much for putting that up for us to download!! I agree, Lacey needs some more vocal rest, but I think she started sounding so much better during You Are My Joy and was steady after that! I loved it! :)

  4. Melissa

    “Hm is it just me or did Lacey say “And I’m Lacey Stern” while she was saying who everyone was before they played Have We Lost..?”

    She did. I’m gonna have a hard time remembering her last name now. xD

  5. eric

    I cried several times during this thing. This is the only band that has had this effect on me. I really feel her energy every time I see them perform. They make me believe it and make me hope that I can find the peace that she has. I hope they continue making music for a long time because they always lift me up when I hear them.

  6. Cheryl

    Britt, thanks a zillion times over. I lovvved getting to be at the show without having to fly across the country. lacey was amazing as usual (as the rest of the band) & I’m sure it was a really hard show to do in that scorching heat. I can’t believe I got to see it & see it up close…yippeeee (thanx to you!).

  7. emily

    @ FullyAlive 20 Thanks for the info, and I’m really happy for her.
    Also I thought the show was great as well. Especially the way they filmed it, made it much fun to watch.

  8. Jordan

    Flyleaf, has been nominated for the 2nd annual labor day awards ()in the rock category) at
    VOTE for them!

  9. reginafilangie

    Melissa, I had the same problem. I just tried the next day and it worked then. Perhaps just try again later?

  10. kellzie

    can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLEASE post the interview where Lacey says shes married? IM ON MY KNEES BEGGING HERE! and I have the same problem as Melissa and its seriosuly driving me nuts I keep on trying over and over again but it keeps on saying the same thing! ARRRRG! SOMEONE PLLLLLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS STUFF!!!!!!!

  11. grace

    I actually was there when she was performing at acl and if u see the balloon i was nearly directly under that it was the best day of my life getting to see the ppl who saved my life perform and then getting autographs from all of them and shaking Lacey’s hand, i just wish i hadnt been a chicken and had given her the note that i wanted too give them. But other than that BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im nvr gonna 4get this


  12. Rodent Queen

    She seriously needs to still rest her voice. She cant scream anymore. It actually was overall a dreadful performance…..They used to be alot tighter and she was much better. I seen them live twice and I was overwhelmed it was amazing and so was her voice. Not so much anymore…. Like Sameer seems to be doing is own thing and going off playing all this stuff that dosent even fit. Like what was he doing during Cassie?!! When it goes quite and she whispers in the air its one of the best parts of the song. You couldnt even hear it cause he was playing something that didnt even fit!!!! She also messed up the words on sorrow. Which was actually pretty cute and funny! Shows their human ! ha ha

    Sorry I’ll probably get a load of abuse for this but they just used to be so much better….And why does she keep screaming random things in the middle of the songs…Like fully alive on the second verse??? And Im So Sick was painful to watch…..

  13. E

    @ Rodent Queen….Well I will agree it wasnt their best show but I still loved it. I think it makes each show unique when things like that happen. It’s very grunge…. like Nirvana shows were never done the same way or polished, Kurt would mess up songs on purpose. I mean they might not have gained fans from that show but the message was still there through the bad screams and all. As far as Sameer…. It just seems like he is enjoying what he is doing. or really into it He seemed more reserved in the past… standing off in the corner, maybe they were just in a goofy mood. Real fans will appreciate it reguardless.

  14. Rodent Queen

    Im sorry….I love them I never said I didnt. I just havent seen any good live shows off them lately. They should take a break. You are my joy was the only one I liked

  15. lindy

    I thought the show was great personally. Maybe even one of the best ones. Yeah her scream is different, but i thought it sounded more emotional.
    thanks for clearing up the thing about her last name…i was like, “you’re Lacey WHO?” and i was really confused. then i saw the ring and got suspicious. Congrats to her and her new hubby…i hope they’re happy together. :)

  16. Rodent Queen

    its not different its just she cant do it anymore I think she should stop screaming altogether as its destroying her voice. As much as Id love her to keep it up I cherish her singing more. And then she wont be able to sing anymore so no more music for us :(

  17. arthur

    I think the reason Lacey is screaming different is because of her new vocal warm ups. I watch the show and it seems Lacey voice is getting better and a lot clearer then where it was a few months ago. Lacey to me is the best singer out and i know she can sing when i listen to her on third day i was impressed she sounded great and when she does acoustic live she sounds great i could listen to a whole acoustic set with Lacey singing. i think that they should take it easy until there new album comes out and Lacey should rest her voice a little more it was crazy how many show they played the last few years tour after tour no wonder Lacey is having vocal problems and i hope for Lacey because i think she likes doing the screams she can warm up her voice better for that and if she cant scream anymore i don’t mind if she just sings i love her voice and want more music from them. I enjoyed the concert and sorry for this being so long

  18. Lauren

    Thank you!!! Hopefully the songs will be available for download..? :D
    And yeah I noticed the last name thing. I never remember shes married. Its so crazy. But Im so happy for her!

  19. AB

    loved the show.

    you could tell her voice was struggling a bit in the beginning but it seemed like she was singing to God and realized that everything was more than just a performance when she sang “you are my joy”

    loved it


    (For Rodent Queen) Dude I respect your opinion but lay off, of course Lacey needs a break Flyleaf has been on tour forever, they all need a break…Shure she was struggling a little in the beginning but it was stronger in the end, everyone has a off day or two that doesn’t change when they step on stage, and the changes they made is what makes there live shows so awsome, I’ve seen them live too n if they sounded just like the CD I’d be ticked off, its what makes there live shows unique. And it would blow if Lacey stopped screaming it’s like her treadmark thing, I just think there being spread too thin, they should probably space shows farther apart or not play as many, The point is they can’t play a perfect show every time as hard as they try, it’s humanly impossible, I luv um regardless as a true fan would, sorry if that was too harsh but it needed to be said

    ———->>> BRIT~MICK

  21. Rodent Queen

    I know they need a break. Thats my point. Shes destroying herself vocally and as i said i would much rather haver her sing than not to write or sing at all. if she keeps up what shes doing itl end that way. I love her scream its one of the reasons i fell in love with them when i saw them in dublin. so much that i bought a second ticket to see them again not korn. And we didnt know who they were at the time. Thats how much of a great show they put on. Lacey suffered (or suffers even?) from shredded vocal chords. Sorry but thats not a normal vocal problem you suffer with. Hence my saying shes destroying herself. Im worried also that the new record will probably be more than likely awesome, but she may not be able to perform it. That would suck. I havent seen a show at all in the last few months where her voice was good. The family values live vids of them are incredible. compare those to know and hopefully you will understand what I mean. Opinion or no opinion its blatenly obvious her voice is either already destroyed from overdoing the touring and cant get it back or she will unless she either stops screaming or takes a break.

  22. cheryl

    Sometimes when I read artists forums it can be interesting how fans are always music experts but medical experts too? I don’t think any of us are skilled enough in the medical field to analyze her voice and make comments on how it is ruined (no way), how to correct it or anything in that direction. We also don’t know what goes on before, during or after shows that can affect a show. Personally, I loved ACL & Flyleaf 100%. I’m sure the band let us in on that tidbit about her voice needing rest so we would pray for her, not listen more carefully to all her future shows to detect any troubles. I guess what I am really saying is…let’s just not judge how good she is at any particular time…we all agree (even Rodent I’m sure) that she’s great -period…

  23. Rodent Queen

    Of course I do (cheryl) you dont need to be a medical expert to realise shes destroying her voice. As I stated before you can notice the difference between the shows now and last year and before that. If you can post me one good video of them playing from the past few months then i will agree it was just (the past 10 shows!!!) ive seen online were bad ones. Go for it.

  24. cheryl

    Go for it? I know your a fan & of course i’m glad to hear that but I guess my love of the band goes much deeper. What makes any show good is when a band gives it their all for their fans… In all honesty, Flyleaf gives 110% at every show (Lacey even more when she can use the voice rest but goes on for her fans anyhow) so every show I could post as great in my eyes. I love the band & their music & their message so much that I just couldn’t get those words out (about bad ones). Regardless, I think it is on to better subjects now, like how everyone is looking forward to their best work yet to come! I know we both agree we want to hear Lacey in all her glory! The new album can’t come fast enough! I really do wish that Lacey would put out an accapello (sp?) Christmas cd. I’d snatch that up in a heartbeat!


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