ACL Show

The whole show is here, uncut and unedited. The separate songs will be uploaded soon. Enjoy!

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  1. Rodent Queen

    My point is Im worried about her voice. If she cant sing anymore there will be nothing for you or any of us to pick up. Im not disagreeing that they put their all into each show. I know they do. Its just if she cant sing anymore shel be fucked to put it simply. There was a stage she couldnt even do interviews because she couldnt talk. Thats how bad it got. mark my words if she keeps it up there will be no more singing,flyleaf,or music for us. So again like i said i would much prefare her to stop screaming ifit means she can still sing. as its turning out she cant do both anymore.

  2. adrianne

    Wow that was sweet. Flyleaf puts so much energy into their shows. They’re just an awesome band to watch.
    About this argument that’s going on. I agree, I don’t think that Lacey took a long enough break from singing. I REALLY don’t want anything to go wrong that could be permanent, because then that means no more Flyleaf. I swear I would go into a depression for months if the band broke up. She sounded great singing in this concert I thought, but the scream was kinda off. Last year it was totally beast. She’s still got the skill, but she needs a good long rest. Like, way longer than she’s taken already.

  3. shaun

    it really hurt to watch this. not only did she clearly just want to be done with this, she looked dazed and in serious pain. so i can feel the real dedication she has to keeep on going with all her recent vocal struggles. i love love love flyleaf and lacey especially. and no matter what she sounds like i will continue to do so. but ever since like 2006 when they cancelled a few shows, her screaming was never the same. and to be honest..i, like most was attracted to the fact that this little girl can scream like a garbage truck crushing the devil and sing so angelicly at the same time. after her screams diminished, id say she put 200 percent behind her singing. which was fantastic. but all the touring in europe and all the oneoff’s they’ve been doing are just not their greatest. she barely gets by screaming thanks in large large part to microphone tricks..anyway yea it kinda sucks that she doesnt sound as good. but i think that with the right amount of time resting her voice that it will evolve into something that sounds even better. another part of me thinks that she simply cant put her heart into singing the same 12 fuckin songs for almost 4 years now. she’s probably sick of it, i would be. but it seems like they’ve signed the shittiest deal with their management and label ever where they have to play shows out the ass to make them money. labels dont really care if the band has a future because they can just find the next band. they dont care what happens to her voice. well i think im done now. ill pray that her voice gets the rest it needs. and im gonna keep loving them no matter what.

  4. dark_wings

    Hi everyone!! well it’s the first time that I write here even when i visited this site for a long time and I’m a biggest fan of Flyleaf like many of you but I just have a question about the show and is in part of the song “Have we lost” when she say “…ther’es a hope in the end” and she whisper something that I don’t undestand. Can you help me please to know what she say in that part? oh, and i’m agree too that she needs to rest her voice for the next promotional tour 2009 when they pull out their new Cd

    Peace and blessings to everyone!

    PD: Sorry but my english it’s not very good XD!

  5. rhia

    when she screams “breathe” the last time in breathe today it sounds great :]
    “now BREAATHE.” it reminds me of how she used to sound.

    pat looks wild ^-^


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