ATT Blue Room ACL Concert & Album News

ATT Blue Room will be doing a live stream of the Austin City Limits show that Flyleaf will be playing at tomorrow. It looks like they’ll be up there for about 45 minutes to an hour starting at 3:30. The ATT site says all times are Eastern Standard, so for those of you to the middle or left of the USA, make sure you tune in at the right time according to where you live. :]

I’m going to try my best to snag the video for the site, but to be safe, everyone should try and tune in to watch the band. It’s not often that we get to see a pro-shot concert from them.

In regards to them playing new stuff live at ACL, Sameer had this to say:

“We’ll see how it goes,” Bhattacharya says. “I really don’t know how comfortable we feel with these songs yet. Everybody in the band writes, and you have five completely different people.”

In addition to that, Pat spoke to thev247 about the new album.

“I think we learned how to get to the point a little bit better. Hopefully it’ll sound like an older version of us, you know … more mature,” Seals said. “This group of songs, most of them were kind of written really close to each other, whereas the last album they were written over a course of a couple of years. I hope that will give it more of a unifed feeling of where we were at in the summer of 2008.”

24 thoughts on “ATT Blue Room ACL Concert & Album News

  1. Todd

    That’s great! I hope someone gets the recording either downloadable or for sale later on disc. I want to be there tomarrow but it is such a long ride from Chicago.

  2. kellzie

    oh my gosh i cried so hard becuase i was supposed to go to this concert but certain arrangments have prevented me from being able to go so plllllllllease get the vid of them playing on here! Its the only way I’ll get to see them *does cute little pouty face*

  3. Courtney K

    I’m excited for this new album, but my only concern is that the music won’t be as…edgy or hard rock as their first album. Because that’s what I love the most about Flyleaf.
    Either way, I’m getting the CD (no doubt about that), I just hope that their style isn’t different.

    Thanks for thie news!

  4. Madeleine

    ^Yeah, me, too, Courtney. I hope Flyleaf keeps their music hard and doesn’t soften it down a little. I love that about their first album, too. :)

    Like, new as in “just-written new?”
    YAY! :D I can’t wait to see the footage!

  5. reginafilangie

    I read this note ten minutes before Flyleaf went on. I’m so thankful I got to watch them perform. My streaming cut in the middle of their performance of “Again,” though, and I haven’t been able to re-connect. I probably won’t get to view the end of the set, but I’m so grateful for what I was able to catch.

  6. Travis

    i just got done seeing flyleaf on the net and that show was sweet and i loved it!!!! thanks for the up date brittany about todays show!!!!!! :-) Travis

  7. Lauren

    I watched… and Flyleaf was so amazing! I wish I couldve been there though.
    It was funny when they were playing Sorrow and Lacey started to sing the bridge instead of the 2nd verse. And then she started to laugh. That pretty much made my day :D

  8. sokkakun

    wow it’s was… it’s was… i don’t have words to expressing myself
    every song every scream it’s was awesome
    flyleaf rocks forever!

    brittany did you record this?
    i hope so!

  9. Tonia

    Enjoyed this! New songs were great, love the sounds they are using. Special spot in my heart for the use of the bow on the guitar – from my “back in the day.” thanks Flyleaf – once again the truth shines through you. I was able to connect with a young troubled friend through your music, she loved it and finds comfort in it. I pray she finds her way as Lacey has.

  10. Tom

    omg that was sooo amazing, best performance from a band iv sin in a long time, i sawthem in london in jan now i need 2 see them again!! even bought a tear to the eye on there 4 u and thats sayin sumin!!


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