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The band will be going into the studio in LA with Howard Benson in early October to begin recording the new album. They have about 16-17 new songs that they’ve recorded with Mark Lewis that they’ll be working on, and Sameer says that they hope to be done recording by winter, and that they’ll maybe have the record out by spring ’09. :D


28 thoughts on “New Record News

  1. franklin

    thats so great to hear! i wonder if they’re gonna use all 16 or 17 of the songs on the album. i hope so, i want them to release a super huge album that’ll keep us entertained until a third one comes out! :)

  2. lindy

    i thought they said it would be done winter??? i think ill die before spring comes.
    but other than that, im so excited!!! i doubt they’ll use all 16 or 17 cz that would be an enormous album, but i really cant wait to hear everything theyve been working on!

  3. Todd

    This is great. It will be the next opportunity for me to support the band by actually purchasing a CD from them. I could have downloaded the songs from the last album but I bought it for $9 to make certain that the band profited from me. Good Luck getting it released by springtime.

  4. Noël

    This is so exciting! I hope this album is longer than the last one….I really hope they have “again”, “have we lost” and if they had “much like falling” that would be awesome. Either way, I’m sure it won’t dissapoint. Why is the spring time so far away?!!?!

  5. Melissa

    Yay!! how exciting. :)
    do you think the songs that don’t make it onto the album will be on EP’s and sold at their concerts?

  6. Glenn

    it would be even better to have justice and mercy on it… also i thought it was coming out this month lol was deeply dissappointed… cant wait till spring 09 tho :) should be good

  7. kellzie

    WOOOO!!! im so excited I cant wait until it comes out already! I reallllly hope they have Again, Justice and Mercy, and You are my joy from the inside out! I LUV YA FLYLEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kairi

    I’m so thrilled! I’m way excited. I’m dying for Again to be on their album, and all the other songs that need recording.

    Flyleaf is awesome. God, Jesus, and life are amazing.


  9. Eugene

    WOW ! that’s huge 16-17 !! I’m sooooooOOooo Excited…
    Ughhh… I just can’t wait
    And yeah, I hope Again will be included in it =)

  10. Madeleine

    YOU ARE MY JOY/FROM THE INSIDE OUT! I need that song to be on their new album!
    That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever listened to! & coming from Lacey, it’s as sincere as it gets.

  11. RedEd152

    I forgot, it started with an S and she said “I’m Lacey St __, and that’s my husband over there” and she points to a guy standing at the end of the stage.

  12. brittany Post author

    Well if Lacey’s stating it publicly now, I’ll go ahead and let you guys know. Her name is now Lacey Sturm, and her husband is Joshua. He’s really a wonderful guy, and he treats her very well. :] If anyone looks at the back of the BTS DVD, you’ll notice that he designed the cover of it. So needless to say, he’s a great artist as well.

  13. rhia

    -gasps- i just had a wonderful thought. what if flyleaf released their 20-something songs that they have now onto a mega long CD and made everyone here the happiest kids alive? x.x but i suppose the record company wouldn’t allow it. + then if/when they make a third album it can be made quicker because they’ll have so many songs… er. does anyone know the exact date the album comes out? i know the interviews say they haven’t given a specific date, but rumors fly around a lot. just give me the month..?


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