Buzznet Acoustic Sessions

View the rest of the videos here. In addition to that, several new photos were added that I took from the Rev Gen Festival. Enjoy!

29 thoughts on “Buzznet Acoustic Sessions

  1. adrianne

    wow those acoustics were really amazing. lacey has such an emotional voice. and the interview was hilarious. pat and lacey are so funny!

  2. lindy

    “what’s a centaur?” LOLZ that was good…
    i think those were hands down the best acoustic sessions ive heard by flyleaf or anyone else. and p.s. the pictures were really beautiful!! awesome job on the photography

  3. Ashley

    Ha..I like to have fell out my chair when Pat said she must of been refering to James…..funny…..I enjoyed those…thanks for posting!

  4. Noël

    The videos won’t load on my computer, they don’t even show up…not on buzznet either and I tried IE and firefox…. :(

  5. Dacia

    Wow, those songs sound amazing. haha, I think Lacey has a hard time worshiping sitting down. Thanks for the update Brittany. =)

  6. cassierozean

    aw poor Lacey still cant scream I really hope she’ll be able to soon, plus it must really suck not being able to talk much becuase her doctor told her not to…well she sounds even better than before though (which I didn’t think possible) so those vocal lessons must be working!

  7. Toddy

    Lacey sounds better now. It is so much more relaxed, which I don’t know if they intended but definitely sounds less competitive. What a fun and, again, relaxed interview. Lacey wants to be a bat. This is great because I actually grew up with the Batman.

  8. jem

    fab, thanx Brittany. Really enjoyed the acoustic stuff and the silly interview thingy. I love it when they fool around. Need stuff like this to keep me going until the new album, so thanx again. x

  9. rhia

    i love that interview. it’s on my ipod..makes me smile :]
    check out if you guys want some of flyleaf’s songs that have never been released
    [such as: again, guilty, whispering fingertips, amy says, sleepwalker, life, etc]
    it’s something to keep you all entertained until the new album.


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