There For You Single

According to Passerby Army, There For You is being released to radio as a single.

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  1. Drew

    Aww…There For You IS a good song, but I wanted something…I don’t know, more hard rock-ish to be released as a single next, like Perfect or something. I know I’m So Sick is a single, but I’ve never heard it on the radio. Oh well, I hope it’ll do as well as All Around Me has. :D :D :D

  2. Kelsey

    Wow, that’s different. I thought J&M would be they’re next (for the sophomore album). Still hope them the best of success though. (:

  3. Tess

    Hmm. I think There For You is their most mainstream sounding track. I think it would do well here in Australia, but there are definitely better songs to release!

  4. k-wil

    how many singles off this album? 4? That doesn’t make much sense.

    They need a new album, and I thought the band said they weren’t really happy with that song?

    What gives???


  5. Melissa

    Hmm..I dislike this. They’ve already made like what..5 videos from 7 singels off the album? I guess it’s the new music label they are under that is forcing this. ):

  6. lindy

    there’s nothing wrong with them having a new single ppl. it’s not like they aren’t working on a new album. i hope it does well i really like the song. :)

  7. franklin

    wow..thats great! i like there for you (not as much as others but still great!) i wonder if theyll make a video…prob not they just released the sorrow video

  8. Noel

    I love there for you….I’d like to see a new album but I hope this song helps boost the bands sales and I really would like to see a video with this.

  9. gato

    OK… stop saying what we wanna listen as a single……
    Look… I think that the new album is coming but the company wanna make sure about the incoming sales. In order to do that they are gonna release a song that could sound in everyradio around the world… We like all flyleaf´s songs, but they are looking for “the” song that opens the doors to everywhere and everybody. The company is not trying to get to us (we are taken for granted ), they are trying to get to the people who doesn´t listen to flyleaf. And thats ok…. more sales = more production = better albums + more tours around the world…. so all of us have a chance to enjoy their music live…..

  10. BelieveinDreams7

    I think we’re all entitled to our opinions about this single being put to radio, but I think one of the problems some of us are having with it, is that There For You is the song on the album that’s different from all the rest, and when it gets put on the radio, people who don’t know of flyleaf are going to have, in my opinion, a serious misconception of who they really are and what their music really stands for. The song has so much more meaning and depth live than on the album, and I think that’s what a lot of people recognize and that’s why it’s so disappointing to have that song be the one they put on the radio next.

  11. Claudia

    wow thats a beautiful song. yea the record label is doing this move. this is a great song to close the album. hopefully justice n mercy is a single 4 the next album!

  12. Bianca

    I think it is great. It gives yet another chance for more people to hear Flyleaf, and that is what this is all about. YAY

  13. Krista

    thats awesome…
    i hope it does well on radio
    i just cant wait for their next record
    been waiting for a long time
    but laceys voice needs to be healed before they start any studio work im sure
    so i can wait a little longer i guess:)

  14. Judas

    WTF?!? One more single?? I know ‘Flyleaf’ has been a long-aged record, but this is just too much. I hope they don’t make a video for this song. Furthermore, I think they should release a rarities album which joins old versions of Cassie and Breathe Today, and fucking awesome songs as Justice&Mercy or Tina, cos they all are spreaded over singles, EPs and so on. Or do the 345### re-edition of the album which featured all this stuff. Anything, ANYTHING but taking another single from the album!!! And f… THERE FOR YOU? It’s clearly the worst song in the album. Sounds like Avril Lavigne.

  15. Terence

    This is a little annoying that yet another single will be released. The label isn’t gonna hook new fans by putting that song out there. Whoever likes flyleafs music likes it and whoever doesnt like it doesnt like it. That’s it. They made sorrow a single and that went NO WHERE. i don’t see the point. make a new record and maybe youll get new fans with new music.

  16. Stay

    i personally loved their album, this is like rllllly old news tho i saw it like when it came out, its a shame they cant do Cassie…

  17. Todd

    After releasing their second full length CD, Flyleaf could come out with a Blue Ray DVD of their live stuff to include songs recorded before ‘Flyleaf” such as Broken Wings, the best live songs from their 1st and 2nd CDs and a song or two from in between such as Justice and Mercy. The live DVD would be awesome given their talent and would be a ‘best of’. This would clean up everybody’s requests, make the band a ton of money and attract new fans who, after seeing their Best of Live, would want to see them in concert, like me as a matter of fact. They are so good live it is almost mind boggling.

  18. Noël

    this is off topic…Born Again and Run To You are just breath taking, such incredible songs, Lacey is incredible. I’m surprised how many people don’t like the idea of another single….but personally there isn’t a flyleaf song I dont love. BelieveinDreams7 also makes a good point, a lot of people in my school had no idea what ‘all around me’ was really about they figured it was about a physical relationship with a guy…. (and thx to tounge_dances :) )

  19. Laura

    “a lot of people in my school had no idea what ‘all around me’ was really about they figured it was about a physical relationship with a guy”

    Noel, All Around Me is about God. Lacey noticed on peoples Myspace’s how on most peoples’, “God” was mentioned in the “Who I’d Like To Meet” Section. I also love the Thrid Day songs.

    There For You is a great song, I’m neutral about releasing a new song though. 1. They have 4 out already, 5 including the demo “Breathe Today”. 2. Need to produce a new record. but on the other hand.. 1. Can make more fans and help people. 2. They are trying to keep sales up, to no let people get tired of waiting… so it’s kinda tied for me.

  20. Noël

    Laura, thanks but, I already know all around me is about meeting God. :) I was talking about other people I go to school with who misunderstand the band because they think they are “emo” (when clearly they aren’t) and don’t pay a lot of attention to the deeper meaning behind the lyrics.

  21. emily

    @ noel: I don’t think it’s that important that people know Flyleaf is singing about god. The songs are still great and they can still help people. I think everybody should figure out for himself what a song means (to him). Like the singer of Placebo once said : ” Everybody should make his own journey”. It may be nice to know what a song means to the band, but you don’t necessarily have to think of the same thing, especially with Flyleaf’s songs, which are quite general. And if people hear the song There For You they might want to know more about the band, and then they find this page…

  22. Eve Randell

    This is my favorite song, which makes me excited. But Flyleaf really need to have another album. I mean, they only have that many songs out in a full-lengthed album. They can’t just make all the songs singles. (Although Flyleaf is the best band ever. I can’t be happy enough.) I just want another full album… -sigh-

  23. alyssa

    I personally rarely here flyleaf on the radio anymore. There for you is the song that really hit me hard when i heard it live for the first time. Unfortunately the singly doesnt do it justice compared to hearing it live…I am neutral about this decision as’s good for the bands sales but i can see how it would be better maybe to introduce J&M or Tina because they are also really great songs and fresher than most of their stuff. Its good and its bad, but its Flyleaf and i love them no matter what!

  24. Christina

    I agree with both Noel and Emily. I love how Flyleaf songs are open to interpretation, but it is a bit annoying when you read things like “Oh, Flyleaf is just some Emo band who just sings about being in a relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Who cares” because their lyrics ARE deeper than that.. But anyway! I don’t think they really need another single.. but it won’t really hurt, as long as they’re working on the new album at the same time.

  25. k-wil

    believeindreams7 makes a whole ton of sense:

    “The song has so much more meaning and depth live than on the album”

    quoted for truth.


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