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While it’s not completely finished, I pretty much couldn’t wait. This is the new addition to the Flyleaf Online family; Flyleaf Archive. It’s a video streaming station in the same vein as YouTube, only dedicated to solely to Flyleaf videos. Everyone who is interested can also upload fan covers, tribute videos, etc, and embed their videos on MySpace as well as other sites. I really aimed to make it have much higher quality videos than what normal streaming sites have. So hopefully it’ll be worth using for that, if not for any other reason.

It’s also a community based site where people can sign up, rate, post comments, make groups, and tons of other stuff. So feel free to register and fill out a profile.

Not everything is uploaded, so if things are missing, hopefully it’ll show up soon. Here’s an example of what you’ll see on your profile if you choose to embed from there:

Anyway, super excited about the new site. Hopefully everyone likes it. :D

11 thoughts on “Flyleaf Archive

  1. brittany Post author

    Oh, definitely still able to download. It’s just an addon to what’s already there. Nothing is going to be taken away. :]

  2. tongue_dances

    Great Job Brittany! I really like the new look, it really looks better than the beta test project you working on. I am glad you are almost finished. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of Flyleaf’s fans around the world. If I see you at a concert, I need to shake your hand and tell you thanks for being such a wonderful person. Take care.

  3. alyssa

    great job brittany! It really is an awesome archive you have created! Thanks for letting me try it out for a sneak peak! I know everyone is going to love love love and appreciate your hardwork :D


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