Never Back Down, Africa, Say Now

All Around Me has been featured in the commercial/trailer for the movie Never Back Down. Thanks to kenmaster in the comments for the last update for the news. :]

According to a message on Flyleaf’s Say Now page that Jared left, the band will be headed to Africa at the end of this European tour to visit children that both Lacey and Sameer sponsor. They’ll be going with World Vision, an organization that Flyleaf has been giving money to through the sales of the Music as a Weapon EP and this t-shirt. They should be there for a couple of days to do work before returning home to Texas to do a show on March 13th. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the band going platinum in regards to the Africa trip:

FLYLEAF will be traveling to Rwanda with World Vision this March to experience first hand the work being done to address the current HIV/AIDS epidemic, in addition to World Vision’s plans to provide aid in the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide. Upon their return to the US, FLYLEAF will be the flagship artist for World Vision’s “Use Your Voice” campaign. With the band’s partnership, the campaign will raise awareness and funding for programs that transform the lives of orphans and children in Africa who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.

13 thoughts on “Never Back Down, Africa, Say Now

  1. Noel

    this is so amazing!!!! this is soooo great that they are helping draw attention to this!! We need more people in the world like the members of flyleaf. its so heartbreaking and devastating that even today after what happened in Rawanda we still have the Genocide in Darfur. :(

  2. Courtney

    Whew! At first I thought I was reading that Jared left the band, and I was like, “NOOO!!!” But then my brain kicked in and I realized what you meant, haha. That’s great about them getting to visit Africa and see those kids! ;)

  3. Chloe

    I truely hope they have a good time. They were all looking forward to their time in Africa anyways. I can’t wait until summer and I’ll be over in S.Africa working.

    and YAY for the mention of the flag =]

  4. WorshippingLacey

    I hope they can touch as many people’s lives over there as they have in the western world. It was because of Lacey and the band that I now sponsor a little girl to go to school in India because her mother could not afford to keep her. We can all do something in our own small way.

  5. reginafilangie

    I thought you had said Jared left the band, too. It took me a few reads in different tones to figure out what you meant.


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