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The Passerby Army chat with Sameer went really well. I think around 40 people were involved, and it was really hard to keep up, but it was cool. Pat showed up about 15 minutes after Sameer did, surprising everyone. A lot of fun facts were learned about the two of them including Sameer’s favorite authors, what Have We Lost means and something about Pat wearing high heels. All in all, a good time was had by all.

The frequently asked questions page was updated with the meaning of Have We Lost and some info about what Lacey sings before Justice and Mercy at shows. In addition to that, a few more tour dates have been added.

As far as fans/media goes, the fan tattoos page has been updated with Kayla’s tattoo and story. Some new wallpapers were also added thanks to Marley.

10 thoughts on “FAQ, Tour, Gallery, Wallpaper, Fan Tattoos, Chat with Sameer

  1. Noel

    Thanks for the update Brittany I looove this sight! Hopefully by the next chat I will be able to join. …. and thanks to laura for posting that link…cool vid, I hadn’t seen it.

  2. heley

    hey yall are great, I loved your song fully alive, and all around me. it was kool. And im in school right now in my last class. my teacher realy likes you too. TEACHER: Your group is a good group of kids. STUDENT: yeah my teacher is odd. so bye! keep on making great music!!! bye bye

  3. lindsay lohan

    hey. just thought i’d let you know… the website is doing some odd things in firefox 3 beta 3. i think it may have something to do with the new rendering implementation or maybe some new standards compliance…

  4. Caitlin

    I think that flyleaf should preform at winterfest one year….if you do Lacey then please let her know this!!! I’m going this year and probably next year.its so awsome.

  5. Michelle

    I think Lacey has a new tattoo on the top of her left hand in the pics from the Caetron Festival I think u can see it in some pictures

  6. lacey mosley

    Brittany…. i love and miss you so much. email me when you can… im so far away over here and i want to keep up with you better. this site is amazing. thank you for everything. you are a such a hero to all of us.


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