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The tour dates from the first leg of the Seether/Flyleaf Co-Headlining shows have been posted. The first round of pre-sales will begin on February 11, 2008, and will only be available through Flyleaf’s Official Fanclub Passerby Army. As soon as the second leg of the tour gets posted, I’ll add it to the tour page.

Sameer posted on the band’s MySpace today in regards to the ‘Christian band’ questions/comments they always receive. He answered a lot of questions that a lot of people may have about the topic, so if you’re interested, you should definitely take a second to read it.

There have been many messages about whether we’re a Christian band or not, so I just decided to post one of my replies in a blog for everyone to read.

Brace yourself. This is long-winded.

To clear everything up we are all Christians. We all love God and strive to live and perceive the world like Jesus would. Not necessarily like today’s “Church” would, but how the apostle’s and, more importantly, how Jesus explained how we should by the examples given to us in the Bible. Yes, we are Christians. But there is a dispute among everyone, even us in the band. Not one that we fight about, but one that is light-hearted and fun to discuss. It’s the issue of whether we are a “Christian band” or not, and what that means.

To read the entire blog, click here.

5 thoughts on “Tour Dates, Sameer’s MySpace Blog

  1. Drew

    He put it perfectly. People are just very quick to judge, especially when it comes to religion. For writing that at almost 4 A.M., he was very eloquent, haha.

  2. Noel

    This is unrelated and Im sorry for that, but flyleaffans wont let me log in….is weird I log in but the second I click to another page it asks me to log in again…I havent been banned or anything….anyone had this problem? or am I just dumb? (lol)


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