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Don’t forget that tonight [January 27] is the night to talk with Jared in the Passerby Army chat room. It’s going to be happening at 6PM EST. There’s about an hour before he gets in there, so everyone still has plenty of time to join and check out the chat.

Okay, the chat is over. Jared and Lacey were both in there talking to people and answering questions. A transcript might be posted on Passerby Army in the future, so if you missed it, look out for that.

Some news that came from the chat includes a possible co-headlining tour with Seether in the spring and after that, Jared said they hoped to work on their new album.

23 thoughts on “Chat with Jared

  1. Laura

    For those who haven’t joined the Passerby Army, will you have what Jared has said on here?
    (If that makes sense)

  2. brittany Post author

    I don’t know if I should. It’s special for the people who joined, so I don’t think I should post any of the content that is in there outside of the fanclub. I can check with the woman who runs it, but I don’t think it’ll happen unfortunately.

  3. Melissa

    I can’t sign into the live chat. Keeps saying,
    “Error username “” was not found.” What’ll I do? I’ve left the box empty for my password but then it says I need to register. I already am. >.

  4. tony

    It won’t let me login either…it says my password is wrong but it’s not. I’ve changed it twice and it still says it’s wrong!
    Any ideas?

  5. tony

    i don’t think he’s gotten on yet. Brittany said he would be an hour late wish would have been 20 minutes ago. he’s probably just late. Have you been able to log on yet?

  6. tony

    That’s too bad we missed it. Brittany, do you think you could ask if the passerbyarmy person could at least post it on for those of us who were members but couldn’t log in? They also need to fix that problem with the chat room. I even changed my password a couple of times but it still didn’t work. I also had it send me two emails with my password, but i still haven’t gotten those either. Anyway, thanks and i hope it works out better next time.

  7. brittany Post author

    From what I understand, a ton of people had issues with the chat not recognizing their username. I contacted the admin, and a lady that runs the fanclub, but no reply yet. Hopefully they fix it for next time.

    As far as the transcript, I was told it might be posted. Nothing 100% yet though.

  8. Rayburn

    AH! My two favorite bands touring together again! And co-headlining! Definitely made my day. Hope the tour actually happens!

  9. Logan

    I hope the Seether tour enters Canada >_>
    I’m dying over here and was actually debating going to one of the Texas shows.

  10. brandi

    the live chat was awesome also i cant wait for the solumbia show to be up i was there it was an awesome show i cant wait to see that old flyleaf show 2 thatll be pretty cool brittany you do a great job


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