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Quick album/chart update: The band is up to 938,745 albums sold, and 985,000 shipped. Only a couple more weeks for 1,000,000. :D Also, Z100, the biggest pop station in the country, has added All Around Me to their rotation. From what I understand, it’s being played quite a bit too.

I also come bearing media updates tonight. I actually got off my butt and made some graphics for the site. First, I added a new set of signatures made from caps from the Special Edition CD/DVD. There’s one for each band member. I also made a set of 6 new wallpapers. There’s a full band one, as well as one for each member.

As far as videos, I’m working on the Columbia show that Spree recorded, so that should be up next time. For now, I’ve added 2 new interviews from Cornerstone 2007 and The Zone in 2006. Both of the videos have either Sameer or Lacey talking about the band’s faith in depth, which is really awesome.

On the fan art page, I also added 2 iPhone wallpapers that Bill did. Big thanks to him for sending those in.

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  1. Maryska

    that you for the update:) Can anyone write down what Sameer and Lacey says in this interviews? I wanted to translate them for fans in my country and it’s difficult from ears.


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