Acoustic Show, Charts, Fan Tattoos

The amazingly awesome 4 song acoustic set shot by Geordy is now up in the video section. The videos are really nice, and the audio is great. Sameer and Lacey did Sorrow, I’m So Sick, Cassie and There for You. Everyone should check them out. :D

The chart history page has been updated again. The band is up to #11 on the Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums chart, and Breathe Today debuted at #39 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Their album count is 980,000 shipped and 931,400 sold. Only 20,000 to go. :D

A new fan tattoo has been added thanks to Brit. Her story is really nice, so you should take a look. The fan testimonials page has also been updated with 6 awesome stories.

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    Does that mean that Breathe Today is the new single?
    Thanks for the updates. And I still really love the new look of the site.


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