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I’m glad everyone likes the new look of the site. :D Thanks for the comments guys. You all are pretty awesome.

We’ve got a few updates tonight. First off, the chart history page has been updated with some new stuff. In addition to that, the photoshop brushes have been updated with Flyleaf’s new logos and a new image pack to go with the brushes.

The radio has been updated with live versions Broken Wings and Penholder from a 2004 show at Antone’s. The mp3’s have been available on the site for years, but never on the radio. If you haven’t heard them, you should take a listen. Those are two of the band’s most amazing songs in my opinion.

Lots of video updates tonight. I’ve finally learned how to edit videos, so yay for that. First, we have the official 4 acoustic teasers from the CD/DVD. We also have most of the Edgefest 2007 show which is pro-shot. The sound isn’t too awesome, but it’s pretty good overall. 3 Interviews from 2006 have been added. One of them is basically the SRE Recordings EPK, but with a bunch more footage. We’re working on loads more video [including what might be the oldest recorded Flyleaf show and a 4 song pro-shot acoustic set], so I’m sure there’ll be a ton more by the time I update again.

11 thoughts on “Brushes, Videos, Chart History, Radio

  1. Joey

    Hello! Off the subject, on the left side of your site, where you can buy items, there’s a brown I’m So Sick Flyleaf poster. I was just gonna say that I have that! I bought it and it’s hanging up in my room! It looks really cool! Sorry, pretty stupid, right? Keep doing the terrific work, this site looks amazingly awesome!! Love Flyleaf so much!

  2. Melissa

    My favorite songs out of Flyleaf’s unreleased stuff. :D I love Penholder the most. I’ve never known those two where on here cause I really don’t like listening to live versions cause the audio is usually bad. But those two are pretty good.=)

  3. Noel

    I LOVE that version of Broken wings….its on my mp3 player. It’s so powerful. I LOVE this sight…..I check it almost everyday, I check it more often than I check my email. Half of all my music is Flyleaf audio taken from this sight. BRITTANY YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

  4. Courtney

    It may just be my computer, but I’m not able to download the Buzznet interview or the JJO interview…I can the EPK2. It says that it’s not able to be found, bleh. But then, it may just be my computer.


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