UK Flyleaf Site, Wallpaper, Fanart, Album Sales, New Layout

Edit: New layout. The past layouts page has been updated. Enjoy!

Flyleaf is now getting a promotional push in the UK. They have a brand new UK official site and I’ve read that the album is being released there. I’m assuming the promo is because the band will be spending a lot of time overseas touring with Korn, which is awesome.

Speaking of awesome stuff, between the last two weeks, the band has sold over 36,000 copies of their album. They’ve shipped 975,000 copies of it, which means they’re only 25,000 away from reaching platinum. All Around Me is also getting airplay enough on pop stations to chart at #82 on the Pop 100 Billboard Chart.

As far as media goes, a bunch of new fanart pieces and wallpapers have been added. Thank you to everyone who donated.

A new part of the fan section has been instated. It’s a page called fan testimonials. You can read about it on that page, and submit your entries.

16 thoughts on “UK Flyleaf Site, Wallpaper, Fanart, Album Sales, New Layout

  1. gato

    hi!!!! hey.. I live in argentina and its already confirm that korn is gonna play here in April … It would be awesome if flyleaf came here with them considering that they are touring together in europe… anyone know something about that?????

  2. Melissa

    :D I’m happy for fans over in Europe getting to see Flyleaf again. nice layout for the site too. I only wish i could draw as good as the people who entered drawings in. xD

  3. Simone

    This is great news…I live in the UK and I’ve been looking for Flyleaf’s album and DVD for ages. I didn’t even know that it wasn’t released here, haha. I tried to get tickets for their show here in Manchester with KoRn but they sold out too fast. I really wanted to see them.

  4. Drew

    Layout is awesome. Grey/black + blue = amazing.

    AND hooray for publicity in the UK!! Flyleaf is doing so well. Now we wait for a new album. >:3


    WOOAH! I’m soo excited to see Flyleaf live in Manchester this week!! I need to meet them lol, the only thing is I think I’l have to buy tickets off the touts,coz they sold out fast but It’l be worth the extra money. Is anyone else turning up to the Manchester gig on Saturday to show Flyleaf some support?? ;) X
    P.s cool layout! hehee


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