Artist of the Week Spots

After muchos digging through hours upon hours of footage, editing, rendering and general technological fun, the Artist of the Week spots from the band’s week on MTV are now posted, complete with streams, as well as HQ tv rips and LQ for the dialup users.

I’m pretty sure we got everything, so I hope everyone enjoys them. :D

9 thoughts on “Artist of the Week Spots

  1. Kristen

    Thanks for putting those up for us Brittany and thanks for putting so much time and effort in so we could see them. I checked them all out and there are only a couple that didn’t work for me: the last three, the one about not quitting the band, and the Fully Alive Acoustic!

  2. Ciara

    oi, I saw an entire All Around Me acoustic, my brother was watching it with me, they showed it really early on Christmas i think. and some clips of Cassie, I’m So Sick and All Around Me at that Dallas show. but thanks so much for all you got :)


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