Music as a Weapon EP, MTV AOW Videos

It’s been a long time coming, but the opportunity to buy the Music as a Weapon EP is now available. It costs five dollars, and as far as I know, the proceeds from the sales still go to World Vision. In addition to that, a bunch more t-shirts, a hoodie and the album can now be purchased.

In the media section, 4 new pieces of fanart were added thanks to Michelle, Isha, Collie and Melissa. Also, I ripped 6 MTV Artist of the Week spots. I’ll have about 6 hours of MTV footage to sort through by the end of the night, and Ali has some as well. So once we get a second to sort through all that, there will hopefully be a bunch more to watch.

Over 500 photos have been added to the gallery since I last linked any in an update. Check them out. :D

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