MTV’s Artist of the Week

According to Flyleaf’s MySpace, Flyleaf is going to be featured as MTV’s Artist of the Week the week of December 24, 2007. What an amazing Christmas present. :D Tune in during that week to see special Flyleaf segments during commercial breaks. It should be awesome.

21 thoughts on “MTV’s Artist of the Week

  1. Noel

    YAYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! more CD sales! Its insane how many people still havent heard flyleaf. And its also great that they are selling thier ep again, i love the versions on it. It was the first flyeaf cd that i bought.

  2. brit

    I knew one day they would be MTV artists of the week!!!!..i can not wait to see it
    im so happy for them..

  3. Brenda

    Oh, thanks! They really should take a break… Living at road wouldn’t be so nice… They should be soooo tired!

    I hope they (and everybody else!) can have a happy christmas and a perfect new year eve!


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