Flyleaf EP Re-Release

Flyleaf’s 2005 EP has been rereleased officially today. It can be purchased everywhere online from iTunes to Walmart to Target. So everyone should pick it up if they haven’t already because it has way better versions of the songs than on the album [in my opinion].

The band has also opened a new webstore with Bravado USA. There’s only one shirt up right now, but I’m sure more will be added later on.

8 thoughts on “Flyleaf EP Re-Release

  1. Brenda

    So cool!

    But I think that they should record a new album, and don’t stay recording again the same old things…

    They have a lot of different musics… Why they don’t put all them together to get a new album?

  2. Markie

    omg….i love your song all around me…
    its my myspace song!! iloveit**
    and im so sick=)
    that rocks to….
    i will have to get the album♥


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