Flyleaf’s Appearance on TRL

We have Flyleaf’s appearance on TRL up on the site for anyone who may have missed it, or would like to see it again. Basically, the band is interviewed for a couple of minutes and then they join some celebrity judges in rating two groups playing Rock Band. Thanks to Ali for ripping, and Caleb for editing.

In addition to that, the last 2 videos from the MySpace Secret Show were added here thanks to Spree. Next up will be the videos from the Columbia/Finley Park show also known as Holypalooza. After that, we’ll have the show from Tink’s in Scranton, PA. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Flyleaf’s Appearance on TRL

  1. Noel

    when that chick was playing I was thinking that someone should tell her chicks who really rock-out dont bounce around stage like a pop star….then lacey started saying how you cant use being a girl as a gimmick…. lacey rocks. :D


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