Ashen INC. Designs

Hey guys — This isn’t really a Flyleaf update, but it’s something I wanted to post here. I opened a graphic design site today. The website is called Ashen INC, and it’s a project I wanted to start to keep me busy in my spare time. A lot of people in the past have asked about the design work for Flyleaf Online, so I wanted to make a place where people who enjoy what I do here could get a unique design for their own site.

So if you guys might be interested, and wanted to check it out, that’d be awesome. Thanks! :]

5 thoughts on “Ashen INC. Designs

  1. Bianca

    That is really awesome that you are taking the next step. You are very talented and if I come across anyone in need of a webpage I am going to tell them about you.

  2. Ciara

    That’s really cool. you do an awesome job here at FlyleafOnline and I wish you the best with your future projects ;)


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