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Flyleaf sold over 13,000 copies of the Special Edition CD/DVD in the first week. They jumped 59 spots on the Billboard Top 200 chart up to #62. The album has been on the charts for over 80 weeks, which is amazing. So congratulations to the band on a job well done. The DVD performances and acoustic audio…all beautiful and touching. You should really check it out if you haven’t already. It was on sale for $11.99 and $14.88 at Best Buy and Walmart respectively, and is available online at iTunes for $9.99.

I added around 15 songs to the radio today, and reorganized the entire thing. It’s now separated into 3 sections; Acoustic, Live and Studio. The additions were made only the acoustic and live sections. The radio information page will be updated with where to get the stuff for download/purchase soon.

In the media section, I added a few new things. The entire AT&T Blue Room show is now linked on the Pro-Shot Live page. I’m not going to be offering those for download since I don’t want to get sued by a big company. ‘Cuz that would suck. But I did add some videos from the MySpace show shot by Spree. Those are available here. Thanks to Spree for shooting those, and to Caleb for making the streaming versions.

In other news, an acoustic EP was released on Rhapsody recently. Information about it is available here and you can purchase it here.

7 thoughts on “Sales, Radio, Videos, Discography

  1. Tess

    Thanks for the update!
    That’s so awesome about the numbers!
    And thank you SO much for the acoustic of “Cassie” being put up!!! I ordered a one of the cd/dvds but it isn’t here yet!!!
    It’s truly beautiful! Can’t wait for mine to get here!
    And thanks for the new videos! Yeah, that really would suck if you got sued by a big company! :P

  2. sarah

    this is driving me crazy i went to wal mart and best buy (neither of the places had it) and it wasn’t even sold out or anything…they just didn’t have it!!! Does ontario have a different release date to this cd/dvd or something??? Anyway wow! Amazing! Thank you so much for posting up the new songs they sound beautiful even though I’ve only listened to All Around Me (acoustic) and Believe In Dreams (Acoustic) so far lol. :p

  3. ciro

    the stream for justice and mercy at the myspace gig dosnt work it says No input file specified.

    o and is there a seperate release date for the cd dvd in the uk or is there a certain shop htey sell it in coz neither virgin mega stores or hmv sell it

  4. Tommy

    thanks for the update Brittany! the myspace show, thats what i’ve been waiting for:) Spree shoots great videos! and the at &t thing, good call! i wouldn’t want you to get sued. and its lame cause on that website when you watch videos it has an icon that says “buy now” but it never lets you buy it for download like it says on there. they just make a favorites page of all the videos i like when i click “buy now” :(

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