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Hi All — With the devastation from the recent fires in Southern California, you may have heard that Music for Relief and Unite the United have put together a charity auction to raise funds for those affected by this tragedy.

Linkin Park approached us to get involved, and we’re more than happy to to do so. Here is the link where you can bid on amazing items from a ton of great bands and events (including a specialty Flyleaf item).

Thanks for all your help and support to those in need!

To bid specifically on Flyleaf’s item, you can visit here to do so. Bid away! It’s for a great cause, and the prize is awesome!

Sales figures for the special edition CD/DVD will be in tomorrow. Due to a contest on the streetteam that I don’t want to spoil, I can’t divulge today. But the band did great. They’ve shipped over 925,000 copies of the album, which means they’re only 75,000 away from an RIAA Platinum Certification.

Speaking of the Special Edition — all of the lyrics have been added for the new versions on the albums page, including all of the new lyrics for Cassie. Enjoy!

The rest of the videos from the Hartford FVT show shot by Ali were added on the live shows page. Coming up next will be the MySpace Secret Show shot by Spree, so look forward to that.

The contest has officially ended. There’s over 400 votes that I need to tally up as soon as possible. I’ll be contacting winners fairly soon about that, and they’ll be announced here as well.

In other news, I’ve been given the opportunity to help out with Passerby Army, Flyleaf’s Official Fanclub. I’ll be helping to run the forums, helping with news for the site, and possibly working on some multimedia in the future. I’m working on a new design for the site as well, so hopefully it’ll be well received. Anyway — I just wanted to let you guys know in case you saw me over there and wondered. If you haven’t joined yet, you should really consider it. :D

7 thoughts on “Music for Relief, Videos, Passerby Army

  1. Melissa

    Wow, it’s up to $125.75. Man, I wish I had that kind of mine to donate. D: not that I don’t. Just I have other things to use with it. That’s really cool you’ll be helping out with the Passerby Army fan site. :D can’t wait to see the new design. Fianlly some fan videos..awesome!

  2. brittany Post author

    I really have no idea Noel. It’s been in my Flyleaf music folder for ages now. It’s gotta be from 2005, or around that time. I figured it was time to share it though. :]


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