10.30.2007 – Special Edition in Stores

Hello everyone. I hope you are as excited as we are about the CD/DVD release. We’ve been reading and hearing the comments about the teasers. Thank you for all of your support through these years. I pray it’s a long adventurous journey ahead. – Sameer

Today is the day! The Flyleaf Special Edition CD/DVD will be hitting stores this morning. Be sure to pick up your copy at your local CD store, or order it online here, here or at any of your favorite online retailers.

Let’s push the band as high as we possibly can in sales and on the charts this week by picking up a copy or two. You know how awesome the special edition is going to be, so let’s show our support by going out and getting it. :D

If you can’t get to the store, you can buy the special edition on iTunes for $9.99. You can do so by clicking here. It comes with a digital booklet, and all of the videos/audio on the original release. There’s also a brand new Much Like Falling EP on iTunes as well. You can purchase that by clicking here. The tracklisting is:

1) Much Like Falling
2) Supernatural (Acoustic)
3) Tina
4) Justice & Mercy

So everyone who might have been looking to buy some of those tracks, be sure to get that EP. It’s only $2.99.

Here is an extended Fully Alive teaser clip:

PS – New photoshoot pictures and scans of the Special Edition booklet have been added.

35 thoughts on “10.30.2007 – Special Edition in Stores

  1. Courtney K.

    I’m SO buying it RIGHT NOW! I will totally support this band and help them in any way, and if this is one way, then OH YEAH! I’m doing it!

  2. noel

    I ordered mine online a few weeks back……so now I just have to wait ……im hoping i’ll get it by friday (maybe) if im lucky

    I am now going to go beg my parents for thier credit card…..

  3. tobias12

    The new album is only $9.99 on iTunes!?! I already ordered it on amazon, but i don’t know if i’ll be able to wait for it to get here. I might just buy it on iTunes too. Flyleaf ROCKS!!!

  4. Krista

    I got it today and it’s the most wonderful thing in the whole world.I’m also really excited about the new EP.Now I’ll finally be able to get Justice & Mercy.

  5. Lisa

    I’m gonna get mine tomorrow! BTW what does that symbol in the top left hand corner mean? Does it have any significance (sp)?

  6. Melissa

    I got it, and love it!! I’m totally loving the Red Sam, and Cassie acoustic version. :3 those are my favorite!! I picked up two copies.

  7. megan

    i went to wal mart yesterday to get the new cd/dvd and they didn’t have it!!! little to say i was very happy!! lol

  8. Justin

    Yeah, the Local Walmart was sold out of them. I kinda sat there with a smile on my face. I went to Target, sold out. I just got a huger smile on my face. (I had already bought it online with Rhapsody, but I wanted the DVD too lol). Took me about 45mins of riding around and I finally found a copy in a local music store. I hope this just blows up sales for the band. It about time they get the attention of music fans everywhere. :)

  9. Shiloh

    I picked it up the day it came out and I am THRILLED to say that by the time I got there, there was only ONE copy left. Not only was I happy that I got the last one, but happy because that means that a lot of other people had been purchasing them. And it’s amazing, by the way. Absolutely amazing. Red Sam is my favorite.

  10. Courtney K.

    OH! By the way, I love the extended video of Fully Alive! TOTALLY AWESOME! My dad is gonna try and get the CD for me.
    Do you have any updated news about the Karaoke Contest yet? I’m anxious to find out who won!

  11. Noel

    The CD is AMAZING, i love the new cassie, and (all the other songs)….is there anything more awseomer than playing the ‘all around me’ video on a big TV?? I think not :D …it’s also good to hear that the CD is selling out, they really deserve it. (But I hope everyone is able to get a copy too!!)

  12. Adam

    The CD comes out November 6th in Canada. It’s available on iTunes Canada already, but the physical release is on the 6th.

  13. Florencia

    i’m reading all these awesome comments about the DVD and it kinda makes me sad because i can’t have it =( (or the money to buy it digitally either xD)

    btw… i was wondering when will you announce the winners for the Karaoke Contest, i’m actually pretty anxious about it ^^

  14. sarah

    :0 i went to get it and both wal mart and best buy didn’t have it; apparently where i live it comes out later or something? They said it comes out next week or something. :O O.o

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