All Around Me Teaser #5

Here is the final teaser for All Around Me. Remember to pick up the Special Edition in stores on October 30, 2007 or preorder it from Newbury Comics to get a special autographed booklet. :]

17 thoughts on “All Around Me Teaser #5

  1. Tess

    Wow! That’s really cool!!!

    Hey, does anyone know anything about the Flyleaf String Tribute? I just saw it on amazon?

  2. tobias12

    I’m sort of mad cuz I already preordered my copy on amazon so i don’t get the autographed booklet.:(
    I guess i’ll just have to get the to sign it next time they come to seattle. Thanks for posting it anyway Brittany

  3. Brenda

    Hi guys!
    I have some questions about the lyrics of one different version of “I’m So Sick”… Lacey sings “You I-DON’T-KNOW-WHAT to my thoughts”, when she uses to sing “You sink into my clothes”… What she says?
    Also, there’s some slowly and new part in this song… And I don’t know exactly the correct lyrics. Somebody knows?
    There’s anyone who can tell me what this different version is? ‘Cause it is better by far than the CD version, and I really loved it.

    Can’t wait to buy the new CD!!!

  4. Brenda

    No, that wasn’t an acoustic version… That was like the CD version, but better… LOL. My friend showed it to me, but she didn’t know from where it came…

  5. Daniella

    i order from newbury comics and im getting an autographed booklet!! if i wernt me i’d be jealous.. =] lol but i AM really excited..

  6. Skye

    Yeah, the I’m So Sick EP version makes more sense to me than the LP version…and AAM acoustic sounds A-FREAKIN-AMAZING. :)


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