AT&T Blue Room Concert Series

Flyleaf is featured on AT&T’s Blue Room Concert Series

The concert is professionally shot with amazing sound. For everyone who’s been waiting for something pro-shot of Flyleaf at a live show, here you are. There are 8 songs on the website, and all are great quality. You can click on the image to be taken to AT&T’s page.

It was shot at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California on June 16, 2007 I believe.

There for You is perfect. If you have time to only watch one, you should check that one out.


32 thoughts on “AT&T Blue Room Concert Series

  1. Les

    YES!!!!!!!!!! thank God. It’s about time we had some professional shot video and sound.

    This is great. Lacey is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Terence

    This is the most amazingly shot live show ever. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Justice and Mercy sounds amazing. Also is there a chance that there going to release this on DVD? I think all flyleaf fans would love that. This is so incredibe! Thank you Brittany for running an amazing website!

    *needed some corrections lol

  3. noel

    THAT IS AMAZING. i love it! Also “that guy” is Ryan White of Resident Hero…..I like him in ‘so i thought’.!!!

  4. Kristen

    I saw this the other day! It is incredible. And I agree with you Brittney- There for you is amazing. I’m watching it right now!!! I wish there was a way to download this!!!

  5. Courtney

    I JUST saw all of these yesterday. I liked it but Lacey needs to SERIOUSLY take it easy on her voice. Her screams were pretty strained and bad. Hope her voice heals soon. But I loved it anyways though.

  6. Haunted

    I LOVED IT! tht was amazing. So I thought was really good! That’s kinda true Lacey’a screaming was sorta like just yelling….but it was still awsome!

  7. Jem

    I’m lost for words. Just the most amazing performance. The end of There For You sent shivers down my spine. Lacey may have been saving her voice by not screaming, but I don’t think I have ever heard her sound better. And the guys rocked! I’m gonna watch this all day. It’s so sweet that Lacey has her own mini stage to stand on – she’s so tiny! It’s just made me want to see them live again so much more. Can’t wait till they come to the UK in the New Year. *takes a breath*
    Thank you so much to AT&T and, of course, Brittany!!

  8. Dacia

    When they performed There For You & Hungry at a show earlier this year, it was so amazing and made me cry and I’m so excited about the quality of these videos! Thank you for the update. :)

  9. lauren

    What’s ‘Hungry’?

    Anyone else notive the pitch correction that was used on this show? You can totally tell during Justice & Mercy. Awesome video quality though, i LOVE it!

  10. Noel

    when lacey sings ‘there for you’ live she also sings part of the worship song within it, called ‘hungry’ the part that goes something like “im falling on my knees offering all of me, Jesus your all this heart is living for”

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