Cassie Teaser / Gallery Layout

This is the Cassie Acoustic Teaser. As you can see/hear, the song has been completely reworked with new lyrics and a new melody. I think it’s really powerful this way. You guys should take a peek.

Also, the gallery got a new layout. More updates to come soon. Just wanted everyone to see the Cassie video. :D

29 thoughts on “Cassie Teaser / Gallery Layout

  1. Justin

    Rovert, this is a brand new version. Completely re done. I like this version better, and I havent even heard the entire thing. It looks awesome though

  2. Melissa

    I love the new Cassie :D I was walking with my mom and was telling her about it then I suddenly remembered how this one went and started singing it. She asked me who wrote that version and I told her Flyleaf, they re-write it, She says it’s 100 times better then the first. xP

  3. Kristen

    Question… to get the locker poster and everything, is that like a pre-buy extra or does it just come with the CD when you just buy it at a store? Did that make any sense??? Oh, by the way, love the new layout Brittany!!!

  4. Noel

    the gallery looks awseome! I am SO excited for this CD to come out……it seems like it should be out already!!! I feel like its taking forever! This version of Cassie is really amazing….I agree with what Krista said….major chills………did anyone catch all the lyrics?

  5. Brittany Elaine

    I cant wait to hear the full legnth song for cassie! Lacey has an amazing voice!

    ~Brittany Elaine~

  6. Noel

    what does she between ‘and my sister cassie pulled it…’ [right here] ‘inspired in their footsteps we will march ahead…’ ??

  7. Florencia

    wooow, that was amazing. I can’t wait for the CD/DVD to come out.

    and the gallery looks amazing by the way ^^

  8. roVert

    well, have to buy the cd……anyone could send it to me to Mexico?…jojo or just wait 4 years ’til gets her….i hate mixup and all the record stores in my country…=(

  9. Noel

    Thx Brittany, I wasn’t sure if I was right or not….I didn’t want to attempt to sing the wrong lyrics XD…but thats what I thought it was…. can’t wait to hear the full version! !!!

  10. Karla

    i can’t watch it.. and i don’t know why. is there any way you guys could post it in a different format, the same way you posted the trailer for the cd/dvd (with fully alive acoustic)?? cos i’m desperate to hear this.. :(

  11. Erin

    i love that version of ‘Cassie’ and i cant wait til Oct. 30. Im soo excited. Lacey’s voice is so amazing and her words are so helpful to me and so many. I thank God for sending words through Flyleaf to show me i can change my life.

  12. Dacia

    I love this. And the new layout is very festive. Maybe I’m late by saying that, but I haven’t been on in a while. Thanks for the updates!

  13. Karla

    i guess i just don’t have the player or something cos i’m just seeing a blank box on the official site as well. but thanks for the help. :)

  14. Courtney C.

    This cd is going to be simply AMAAZING!!!!!!

    Flyleaf is a great band because they speak the truth and do it all for God. They help people like myself find God again. God comes through their music and its wonderful. God loves us. Always remember that.


  15. Johanna

    wwooOOW!! i love u!! FLYLEAF!! i love your music! I love lacey!!! you rock!! its the best! thax for all!! u really help me!! = D ^^


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