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The results are in for the FLYLEAF College Competition

1) Marshall University (472 people)
2) Liberty university (429 people)
3) Glendale Community College (380 people)
4) Texas A&M (379 people)
5) California State University, San Bernardino (357 people)

The Flyleaf Karaoke Contest Voting has begun. Please read the rules before casting your vote. Good luck to everyone that entered. :D

The band section has been updated with some new chart numbers. All Around Me has peaked at #6 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, and the album recently went up to #59 on the Top 200 which is awesome. In addition to that, a new interview with Jared was posted on the articles page.

A few more videos have been posted up from the Hartford FVT show that Ali recorded. Thanks again to her, and to Caleb for editing.

Also — not really huge news, but Doug [AM/Octone’s ST manager] let me redesign the header banner for the Flyleaf Street Team, which I thought was cool. If you haven’t joined up there yet, you should consider it. FanCorps has just released a store system where you can exchange store credits for Flyleaf related items. It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but it’s a cool concept. There’s also a lot of other new stuff, but you can read about it if you join.

14 thoughts on “Demand / Contest / Charts / Gallery / Videos / Article

  1. Huseyin

    Thanks for the update. I downloaded the contest submissions from “download all submissions” link but the mp3 files of Alyssa and Maeva sounds exactly the same. Is there a mistake?

  2. Tommy

    hey when are you gonna put the videos up from the myspace secret show and the bamboozle thing? if you could let me know that would be awesome. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. brittany Post author

    Problem fixed. A new zip is uploading. I just put two tracks up for the same person under two different names. Shouldn’t effect the voting. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Tommy – Those videos will be put up as we get to them. We don’t want to post every single video from every live show that we’ve received in the past few weeks. We want to make it last since the band is on break and nothing new is going to really pop up at all. Every few days, 2-3 new videos will be posted. We’re uploading them in the order they were played by date. The MySpace secret show should be next after Hartford. :]

  4. Courtney K.

    YAY! The contest started! I’m somewhat laughing that my entry name is ‘Phantom’ but oh well. That’s my email name. But who cares! May the best singer win. I pray it’s me.
    Other than that, NICE updates! Lucky colleges.

  5. Florencia

    Just a question guys..

    I sent my entry for the karaoke contest, but I am not in the list. I know i sent only the youtube link because I had trouble sending the file via e mail, and I think that wasn’t allowed, even though it wasn’t specified anywhere either. So in the email, i said that if it wasn’t allowed that you guys should let me know about it… and no one ever said anything to me. So i am just wondering… why am i not in the list? Sorry, but I find it unfair and want to know why…

  6. Noel

    I’m kinda wishing i had entered….(not that my computer would have cooperated and worked)….but my voice is shot now anyway cuz I’m sick, I probably sound like a boy (lol). Good luck to all who entered!!! (…I already voted) :D

  7. Todd

    sorry but this chick is posting video blogs begging people to vote for her and bribing them by saying she’ll send them all the songs on the cd she wins. forgive me, but it’s only a karaoke contest, shouldn’t people vote based on the songs? just a thought…


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