Entertainment Weekly (#956, September 28, 2007, page 18)

“And finally, who is Flyleaf, and why is their album still at No. 64 after 78 weeks? Credit fans of this hard-touring, under-the-radar Christian rock group, who continue to purchase their self-titled debut album. A repackaged CD/DVD featuring interviews with the band and acoustic versions of five songs is due Oct. 30.”

So there you have it guys. Flyleaf’s debut album will be re-released with all new packaging, interviews and acoustic videos and audio. The preorder can be seen on amazon.com. Tracklisting can be seen below, as well as a trailer for the release. You need quicktime to view it, and you have to hit ‘play’ because it doesn’t autostart.

1). I’m So Sick
2). Fully Alive
3). Perfect
4). Cassie
5). Sorrow
6). I’m Sorry
7). All Around Me
8). Red Sam
9). There For You
10). Breathe Today
11.) So I Thought

1). All Around Me
2). Fully Alive
3). I’m So Sick

1). Fully Alive
2). Red Sam
3). Cassie
4). I’m So Sick
5). All Around Me

1). Fully Alive (Acoustic)
2). Red Sam (Acoustic)
3). Cassie (Acoustic)
4). I’m So Sick (Acoustic)
5). All Around Me (Acoustic)

Plus a free “All Around Me” ringtone and wallpaper, as well as a locker poster.

27 thoughts on “October 30, 2007 – NEW FLYLEAF CONFIRMATION

  1. Skye

    Sweeet. I don’t actually have the album (bought it off itunes), so I’ll definetely get this. The acoustic stuff sounds like it will be awesome, Woot woot! :)

  2. Matt Williams

    I will definitely be picking this up, acoustic stuff is fantastic. I only wish that they had also included the music video for Breathe Today, even if it was released with the EP. To have it on DVD would be nice. As would to have the album in 5.1 on the DVD, but that’s asking a lot.

    Really, the more releases, the better. A good live CD/DVD set would be great too.

  3. Melissa

    I’m so buying this!! :D I do believe this is the greatest way to get them moving down more on the charts. Hopefully say number 23 or so? :P haha I can’t wait till Halloween!

  4. Gato

    wow… that´s awesome!!!!!
    I hope the release would be international, other way anyone offers to buy it and send it to me if I send u the money????
    Here I cannot get even the LP cause the stores dont have it!!!! byes

  5. Erica

    Flyleaf is going to be a warm-up in europe for Korn… I don’t know for how many shows but the only show I know is the 9th of february in Tampere, Finland. I’m so going to be there!

    Does anyone know about any chances to get some kind of meet&greet or meet them backstage? I’m a streetteam member and I really want to meet them.

  6. jem

    It’s great to have a release date at last after all the rumours! There’s no excuses now Flyleaf, you’ve just GOT to come to the UK to promote this!!

  7. Noel

    OH WOW I JUST WATCHED THE TRAILER AND O_O ‘fully alive’ souned soooo beautiful!!! *tear* think it will be avaible to buy at FYE?

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