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Lots of site updates today guys. Prepare yourselves. :P

In the band section, the chart history page has been updated as always with new numbers. The band is up to #11 on the Top Modern Rock Track chart, and up to #65 on the Top 200. The album has been on that chart for 75 weeks so far, which is awesome. In addition to that, the FAQ has been updated with information about Tina, and more about Lacey’s tattoos for those of you who are interested. The Blast From The Past page has also been heavily updated.

In the media section, 11 new wallpapers were added on the donated page. Thanks to everyone that sent some in. :D On the video page, we put up Flyleaf’s appearance on Rock the Deuce. That can be found in the interview section. Spree also sent in some amazing live videos from the Atlanta Family Values date that we’ll be adding up in a couple days. So look forward to those. The audio section also got a facelift. It’s much easier to navigate now. I’m thinking about having a feature where you guys can stream each audio file as well as being able to download it. If you’re interested in that feature, let me know in a comment and I’ll see what I can do. :]

The fan section was updated with a couple of new tattoos from Cate. In addition to that, the Flyleaf fanlisting has over 600 members now. If you haven’t joined already, you should check it out. :]

As far as miscellaneous site updates go, I upgraded the gallery software and modified the templates. Now it has updates at the bottom of the main page, and a chunk of statistics. I also added a form to the bottom of the right sidebar where you can sign up for the Flyleaf Online Newsletter. Every month or so, I’ll be sending out updates on the band that include videos, pictures and anything else relevant. So feel free to sign up for it. :]

27 thoughts on “Charts / FAQ / BFTP / Wallpapers / Rock the Deuce / Tattoos / Gallery

  1. Laura

    Thanks for the update Brittany. I Bet you’re swamped with new videos and stuff to put up. I think its a great idea to stream audio. I was checking up the donated wallpapers, and the animated black and white one of Lacey, and says “Flyleaf” in the corner keeps showing up as the one next to it. Check that out. But everything looks great so far great. Thnx again for the update!
    And as in my previous comment in the last update. Happy Early Birthday Lacey!!

  2. Laura

    Also, another thing Brittany. On Flyleaf Fans, I noticed you replied on the thread saying “Whats Flyleaf missing” or something like that and you said Lacey was shy, and sang with her back faced to the crowd in the earlier times. But I haven’t seen any examples for that. Thanks again for the update.

  3. brittany Post author

    It was way earlier in the Passerby days. We don’t have any videos from way back then unfortunately. Maybe someday we’ll stumble on some, but nothing right now. :[ It’s just something that I always heard from people who knew the band back then say about her. And from what I know of her personally, it seems like it fits.

    Anyway — I’ll check out those wallpapers in a little while. Thanks for pointing it out to me. :]

  4. Laura

    Its no problem about pointing out the problems. But thanks. I forgot you said it was when they were Passerby. Its great she got over the fear and faced the crowd and are who they are today. I wish there were videos from when they were Passerby, just got to find out who’s hiding them lol.

  5. Kristen

    Wow! Huge Update! I love the idea of streaming the audio. My computer won’t let me download any of them. Whenever I try, the screen starts flashing and I have to shutdown the computer. So, that would be a HUGE help!!! Thanks Brittany!

  6. Krista

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger update in my life.thanks for all the news videos and stuff.I think it’d be great to stream the audio.That’d be awesome.

  7. brittany Post author

    No I can’t offer it as a free download. It’s a copyrighted track that is available for purchase at Flyleaf shows on the Music as a Weapon EP. It’s not currently available for purchase on the internet, so if you cant make it to a show, then I’m not sure what to tell you. I only offer tracks that are available for free, or tracks that I got from the producer, live stuff, etc for free download. Otherwise, I encourage everyone to buy the music.

    Sorry. :[

  8. Courtney K.

    OMG! Thanks a MILLION for putting up my two other wallpapers! That’s awesome!
    I love the interview of Flyleaf on RTD. That was so funny when they talked about the set of AAM. lol
    Thanks for the GIANORMOUS update!

    OH! And Happy Birthday to Lacey tomorrow!

  9. m@ry$ka

    Happy birthday Lacey:)

    Brittany, you were talking on on shoutbox about lacey’s marriage. where do you know it from? Is this true?*

    *sorry for weird english:P

  10. Noel

    Thanks for the update…I think the streaming audio is a great idea…also an idea for something else might be to have a page with just the posts from band members from other web sights…I.don’t know if thats possible, but it might be kinda cool….. anyway it is so sad because flyleaf is playing a half hour from where i USED to live (before i knew about them) they play there all the time. Ugh it kills me!

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