To the couple people who had a question about the scrapbook project, I wanted to clear something up. There will be an indefinite amount of books as long as you guys keep sending in stuff for them. So don’t feel like you’re too late because you missed the first one. :D

In the article section, a new interview/article was posted where Lacey talks about the 2007 FVT, her early life, and her musical influences. The frequently asked questions got updated with the meaning to Perfect. In addition to that, the chart page was updated again. All Around Me is up to #20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Other than that, a couple of new fan tattoos have been added, as well as Shiloh’s story. So everyone should check those out.

15 thoughts on “Scrapbook/Charts/Article/FAQ/Tattoo/Gallery

  1. Hardish

    Hey Brittany! Awesome site you’ve got here for flyleaf.. by far the best :)
    I applied for top affiliates.. i dunno if you got the form or not, i hope you did! just letting you know incase the form isn’t working! Take care and keep up the hard work xox

  2. alex

    hey they got a new backround banner, i didnt see that the first time, its not nearly as plain as the old black one. does anyone have a better pic of it?

  3. Jess

    Hey Brittany, I haven’t seen any of the pictures I e-mailed you up in the photo gallery…I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any problem receiving them, so I can send them again if there was :)

  4. Rin

    Thanks so much for the amazing updates! I have a few pictures from the Flyleaf concert. I’m pretty sure I posted them in the forums but I don’t know if it has been approved yet. It’s quite a long post. I had a lot to say but anyways, thanks for the amazing update and also, I have a few backgrounds I made wit Flyleaf, if you’d like to use them, e-mail me [ ]

  5. Gato

    hello…. well Britanni I just send u my email again, I really toink the scrapbook idea is awesome, Congratulations this site rocks…. I check it everyday…

  6. Krista

    Thanks for the update Brittany.I should be submitting something to the scrapbook as soon as I’m done working on my letter.

  7. Laura

    My sister yesterday showed me something on Ev Threads that somebody said Lacey went on Evanescence’s tour bus and asked Amy Lee if she wanted to see some fireworks with Jim Rooot. Amy Lee sats ok. They end up in this big field and are the ones actually shooting them off, until the police come and tell them they have to stop. But Amy thought they were going to watch no be shotting them off.

    I just thought that was so funny, not sure if its true, it was on Ev Treads.

  8. Karen

    Hey. Great website, Great Updates, it’s so awesome that there’s a fan site that actually updates on a regular basis. I’ve got my tickets to the Bakersfield show for FVT.

    Just a quick question. Did Lacey cut her hair again. I saw the new pics and it looks like she bobbed it. I saw them at HoB in Hollywood in April, right before she cut her hair the last time. Just curious.


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