Scrapbook Update/Tattoos/Chart/Gallery/Wallpaper

The scrapbook project was a big success. Over 50 people entered something for the book, and the very first one is completed. I spent around 12 hours putting it all together yesterday. It will be delivered to the band this Sunday at the Hartford, Connecticut show. Caleb, Ali and I will be attending that show if anybody wants to shout us a h0lla.

The band section has been updated with more new numbers on the chart history page. According to, Flyleaf has the #1 Christian and Gospel album right now. All Around me is also moving up the charts consistently. So congratulations to them.

A new wallpaper was added up thanks to Courtney. Also, a new fan tattoo was put up as well. Thanks to Debra for submitting that.

16 thoughts on “Scrapbook Update/Tattoos/Chart/Gallery/Wallpaper

  1. Melissa

    Ahh! Is it to late to send in something? I’ve got a little bit left to do on my drawing and I was wondering if I can still send it in!!

    I love the pictures so far of the F.V.T. :D

  2. Ciara

    I’m so happy for the band going to number one!

    and congrats with the project, it’s such a beautiful thing to do for them. Yeah and I assume since she said the first one is completed, there will be another..which is awesome, I think there is an endless repsonse list from the fans lol ^_^

  3. Laura

    your welcome,
    And brittany I try to send an email for the scrapbook but I dont understand the “Email Server” thing when I try to send,,,

  4. Krista

    Wow,I can’t believe the first scrapbook is already done.It’s only been a week.I haven’t even submitted anything yet.I guess I’ll have to do that soon so it can get in the next one.
    Awesome that Flyleaf’s CD is #1.

  5. Melissa

    Aww that interview made wanna cry whenever the girl was saying how Lacey was her hero and the dude’s starting joking about crying. x)

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