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Flyleaf has been confirmed to appear on the Family Values Tour 2007 with Korn, Evanescence, Atreyu, HellYeah and Trivium. The tour is set to hit the following cities: St. Louis, MO / Albuquerque, NM / Atlanta, GA / Bakersfield, CA / Boston, MA / Buffalo, NY / Camden, NJ / Chicago, IL / Columbus, OH / Dallas, TX / Denver, CO / Detroit, MI / East Rutherford, NJ / Hartford, CT / Houston, TX / Indianapolis, IN / Irvine, CA / Kansas City, MO / Miami, FL / Minneapolis, MN / Oklahoma City, OK / Orlando, FL / Phoenix, AZ / Pittsburgh, PA / Sacramento, CA / San Antonio, TX / San Francisco, CA / Scranton, PA / Tampa, FL / Toronto, ON / Washington, DC. As soon as dates become available, they will be posted so keep a look out.

The Justice and Mercy tour officially kicked off a couple nights ago. The band has been playing three new songs on the tour, and thanks to Kat Hartmann, the setlist from the Memphis show can be posted.

Red Sam
Breathe Today
Justice and Mercy (new)
Fully Alive
I’m Sorry
All Around Me
Believe in Dreams – Acoustic
Have We Lost (new)
Again (new)
So I Thought
I’m So Sick
There For You

Kat said the setlist might be different for upcoming shows, but it still gives you a good idea of what to expect if you’re seeing the band perform on this tour.

In the band section, a few new articles were added. Those would be the Domain Cleveland interview with Lacey and The First Page with Sameer. The discography has also been updated with the new song titles.

The media section was updated with one new interview on the audio page. In addition to that, one new very nice drawing was added to the fanart page.

32 thoughts on “Family Values 2007, Audio, Pictures, Setlist

  1. Laura

    I can’t wait to hear what “Again” and “Have We Lost” sound like, I know that they will be awesome because all of Flyleafs songs are awesome. Thanks for the new pictures Brittany!!!

  2. Melissa

    That’s kinda a disappointment that Flyleaf is touring with Evanescence.Hmm, maybe I’ll grow to love them again. (Evanescence that is) I’m obsessed with Flyleaf now, I used to be over Evanescence. Oh well. I can’t wait till Flyleaf comes to Chicago. Ha.

  3. Melissa

    Ohh yeah! I can’t wait to hear what Again and Have We Lost sounds like. I beat their gonna be AWESOME!!!! ^-^

  4. Dacia

    Yay for touring with Korn again! I missed it last year. I hope they headline in Maine so that I can hear their new stuff. I’m very excited. =) Thank you Brittany!

  5. Skye

    Woot! New songs, and they’re touring with Evanescence! They’re not coming anywhere neam me though…

    Any chance we can hear the new songs? :D

  6. Melissa C.

    now this is cool! cuz I like Evanescence and Flyleaf!!!!This rocks….but i cant wait to see flyleaf again on the tour \,,/(^_^)\,,/

  7. Riley

    I CANT WAIT! i love flyleaf! …i want to hear their new songs "Again" and"Have We Lost" so bad…love you guys ^_^

  8. kayla

    OMG! dude when is family values tour….in KANSAS CITY MO. ?….I MUST KNOW!!!!!! I LUV ALL THE BANDS THAT ARE GANNA BE THERE1 MUST KNOW! \m/*_*\m/ rock on ……. cant wait to see u at A.T.F. it ganna ROCK!

  9. Joy

    I’m still in shock… I mean, I thought it was the greatest thing that Flyleaf are touring w/ Skillet, bu now they’re w/ EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not that I’ll be attending a show; I’m just praying that some of Lacey’s views will rub off on Amy– not the other way areound)

  10. serena

    hey, where can i listen to a new flyleaf song? i need to listen to them now. and hey, evanescence can be cool. i might have to see flyleaf TWICE now. oh darn, now i’ll have to ask my parents agian… *sighs* oh well, that’s life….

  11. Laura

    Well we can’t listen to a new flyleaf song, thats why Brittany doesn’t have ther lyrics up because nobody knows them (the lyrics that is).

  12. JunkyPOS


    I totally diggggg both Lacey and Amy. I will DEF check this show if it comes to my area……

  13. Nadine

    Laura, Amy Lee is Christian.
    And does anyone know what the password is for the videos in the Media section? I’ve downloaded the videos in the miscelanneous videos only to find them password protected.

  14. Caleb

    There should be no passwords for any videos in the media section. I would check the program you’re using to unzip them. Possibly reinstall it or try another.

  15. Nadine

    It’s the file MTVU BackstagePass- Fan Questions.
    The other videos are fine.
    Just recently discovered this band and got really hyped up and looked on the net to see if theyw ere coming to Australia soon- turns out they were just here so let’s hope their next album brings them back!


  16. Caleb

    Hmm. Everything worked with that video when I downloaded it a minute ago to give it a try. Try watching the stream link. You can also directly download the stream video at this link if you want. Just right click it and save as. Link

  17. Nadine

    Thanks caleb.
    Laura, what exactly did you mean by your comment? I’m not trying to make trouble- just kinda confused.

  18. Nadine

    Comment 12: I’m just praying that some of Lacey’s views will rub off on Amy– not the other way areound.

  19. Mary

    I cant until August 4 when they come to san antonio for Family Values tour!!Yess!Ive been waiting for this!I will be giving stuff out before the show.Like buttons and stickers.Man…I cant wait!!!I love Flyleaf!!!

  20. crystal

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE FLYLEAF i think their freaking awsome
    and she needs to do more screaming songs
    cuz they rock


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