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To everyone who celebrated — I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Some of you might have noticed Lacey singing with POD on MTV on New Years Eve. Took me by surprise, or else I would have let everyone know about it. I’ve heard that you can find the performance on MTV’s site, but it’s just loading a big black page for me. We’ll try to get the video for everyone who missed it though.

Onto the contest winner(s). I put up a page where everyone can see/download the wallpapers that people entered for the MAAW EP contest. After much deliberation, I decided to go with 3 winners instead of 1. Maggie is the grand prize winner, and gets the package listed on the contest page. Maria and Jennifer are the runners up and will be receiving MAAW EPs as well. A sincere thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone did really awesome. I’ll probably add a new contest within a week with similar prizes.

In the band section, the chart history was updated. The band sold over 16,000 records last week with the holiday which is pretty impressive. Congratulations to them on that.

On the media page, I also added a donated wallpaper page. Feel free to contribute your own Flyleaf wallpapers if you have any. Credit is always given.

The Flyleaf Fanlisting got a makeover a few days ago. If you haven’t already, feel free to join. It has well over 400 members now.

A big thank you to Chris for sending in all of his Flyleaf pictures. :D

30 thoughts on “Holidayssss, Chart History, Wallpapers, Contest, Gallery

  1. Courtney aka .:.Rawker_Chic[k].:.

    Dude, Lacey was on there? I had been upset cause I missed the POD set, but Lacey? AUGHHH! You know I love you for running this awesome fansite, but if you somehow get that vid, dude, I’d totally give you a cookie. :)

  2. Francine

    Cool update, Congrats to the winners. I’m glad to hear isn’t loading for others as well and it’s not just my computer messing up or something. I hope you get a copy of the POD performances, I’d like to see it again.

  3. Ali

    y0 brit, I ripped the videos of POD and Lacey, sending them to caleb when he gets his internet back. Not sure if you’re going to want to put them up or not, but I’m just letting you know that I got ‘em. :D

  4. Courtney aka .:.Rawker_Chic[k].:.

    I LOVE THE AWESOME PERSON ALI FOR DOING THAT!!! You and Brittany deserve cookies. :)

  5. Maria

    I won! … well became runners up haha. Good enough. :D Congrats to the other winners!

    And thanks so much Brittany!

  6. alexa

    Guess what Brittany? Lacey is in this Resident Hero video for the song “Vendetta Black” ( don’t know if i spilled that right) and she sings backup and screams in it. its on youtube. i’ll give you guys the address in a minute.

  7. alexa

    Yay, i spelled it right. here’s the link it’s a very good song. at first, you’ll probably think that it was a fan video, but it’s not. you’ll see them singing alone with the song. hope you like it. luv ya lots.

    *Whipering Fingertips*
    *Leave Your Fingerprints”
    *All Over Everything*
    —Whispering Fingertips By Flyleaf

  8. Laura

    Flyleaf if the best, thank you Brittany to making this site. How did people find the unreleased
    ep songs? I want to hear them and cant find any of them on the internet because they are very good versions. Also I can’t go on live wire because my dad ont let me. Parents suck! Also I cannot fileshare, sorry to brittany to metioning that….I just didn’t want somebody to say it.

  9. Kat Hartmann

    Brittany – this is Kat…I forgot your email address….again, so I am having to contact you on here. I have a butt load of pictures from 06′, if you want I was thinking about putting them on a dvd and possibly mailing them to you? I’ve been wanting to send you some for a while now, but I’m too lazy to send them through email because I’m not smart enough to figure out how to do it quickly. Forgive me for being so lame.
    We’re all super appreciative of you – you’re amazing. E-mail me back if you want…

    Love Kat

  10. Kayla

    Hey i noticed you have a lot of flyleaf songs i’ve never heard of. but i was wondering why
    1. I can feel you all around me
    2. Life
    3. Guilty
    4. Believe in dreams
    5. Amy Says
    6. sleepwalker & whispering fingertips
    7. Eyes to see
    8. tiny heart
    i haven’t seen those songs up in the playlist. but i have them so if you want me to send them to you you could E-mail me at just give me your e-mail address and i’d be more than happy to send them to you. :) FLYLEAF FOREVER


    dose anyone feel the same way i do when i listen to flyleaf i just feel like alive all my cares and problems just disapear and i just feel ohh my god its the best feeling in the world and i just love it sometimes i cry when i listen to them but i dont even know why…dose anyone else feel like that(especialy when i listen to all around me and fully alive) awnser me on my email

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