MAAW EP & Over 600 New Pictures

The acoustic Fully Alive, the Christmas Song and Justice and Mercy have been added to the radio. Whoever bought the EP while it was on sale at the shows, you rock. To everyone who didn’t get a chance to, I hope you enjoy listening.

Over 600 new photos were added to the gallery yesterday. Yes, over 600. I hope you enjoy those too. :D

Again, a big, huge thanks to Revenant Media for a lot of these pictures.

44 thoughts on “MAAW EP & Over 600 New Pictures

  1. haydee

    omg!!!!! i love their songs!!! their so….whoa! :P thanks for putting them on the radio! it’s very much appreciated ^_^ i think i spelled it right :P

  2. Ali


  3. Barc0de

    hey brittany i don’t know if you did already but you should check your gmail account…because of the wallpaper ;)

  4. Laura

    Thank you Brittany once again for the songs, I listened to them and partially singing them because I was reading the lyrics. Then once the song was over, I realised what she meant in the song when I was reading the lyrics over and over.
    The most awesome songs that have alot of feeling and that speak me more than ever, thank you for letting me hear them and listen to them over and over.

  5. Noel

    maybe its just my computer but the little button that says “buy this track” doesn’t do anything so i CANT BUY justice and mercey and the christmas song, or the acoustic version of fully alive

  6. joy

    The Christmas song made me cry… I don’t know if I’m the only Christian here, but that song will touch the hardest heart. If God can change my heart, than he can change yours God bless you! ( thank you brittany

  7. Mona

    Ohhh wooooow!!!! I can’t stop listening to justice and mercy. It’s sooooo gooood!!!!! ahhhh somoboody needs to pull me away from my computer. Thanks sooo much Brittany, yur the best!!!!!!!!

  8. brittany Post author

    Unfortunately, I can’t control the buying part of the Flyleaf Radio, Noel. The tracks aren’t currently available for purchase. For information on the rest of the radio blog songs, you can go to this link:

    The MAAW EP stuff was kind of a one shot deal for this tour. They might sell them on something in the future, but no word as of yet if they will.

  9. Laurie

    Thanks so much for the songs and the pictures! It took me HOURS to go through all of them and save them to my computer. XD

  10. forsaken_disaster

    thanks for putting those songs up…i especially like the Christmas Song…it almost made me cry…thanks again

  11. alexa

    Merry X-mas Brittany. By the way, i had send the tab to you. i don’t know if you got it yet but tell me if you didn’t. i LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SONG.

  12. natasha

    woah so many pictures. Merry Christmas Brittany :)
    also, i was looking through the videos, and maybe i didn’t look well enough, but do you guys have the Hot Topic performances up?

  13. BrokenWings13

    Brittany what you do on this site is nothing short of incredible! You work so hard on this and it is one of the best band sites I’ve ever seen. Everything is so organized and easy to find! I have all the songs of Flyleaf that I know of on my mp3 except I can’t find Do You Hear What I Hear…I don’t know where to get it. Thanks for all your hard work Brit and keep up the good work cause I’m positive Flyleaf appreciates it as do US the fans! -John

  14. Laura

    Merry Christmas every one and Happy New Year. I get the feeling that everybody is getting tired of my comments. So I am just going to keep them to myself. In my words, Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year everyone!

  15. Joy

    Brittany, I was wondering where I could download the song “Amy Says”, and some of the other songs from the “Unrealeased” EP. Give me the names of some websites… if any one knows, leave a comment, that will be much apresiated ( how do you spell that? LOL)

    Grace & Peace,
    Joy Forever

  16. brittany Post author

    Please don’t discuss filesharing in the comments. If you want to talk about it, do it off the site. Thank you. :D

  17. Vanessa

    Wow, this site is really good. I love Flyleaf and a big thanx for the songs putting on the radio!!
    I’m sorry for my maybe horrible English, but I’m from Germany ;)

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