There hasn’t really been much in the way of new Flyleaf stuff in the past few days. They’ll be wrapping up the Music As A Weapon tour in the next few days, and then taking a well deserved break from the end of December until early February. When the tour ends (in approximately 2 days), I’ll be putting up the MAAW EP on the radio for everyone to enjoy.

The contest to win an EP and various other Flyleaf stuff is ending in little over a week. So be sure to get your entries in before the deadline.

The video page was updated with three new videos. Two are a continuation of the Nokia Theatre set thanks to Ali and Caleb, and the other is the I’m So Sick performance from the Carson Daly show. It’s different than the previously shown performance, and it’s nice quality. A huge thanks to Mike for uploading that for the site. He’s a life saver.

Three albums in the gallery were updated. Click the respective thumbnails to go to the albums.

Major thanks to Revenant Media for donating the pictures on their site. I still have a bunch more to add, but there’s so many that it might have to wait until tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. scott

    yay for the videos.. i saw that on my tv schedule, the im so sick, carson daily.. but it didn’t say im so sick so i thought it was a rerun =/

  2. alexa

    hey brittany. i wanted to ask about putting tabs on ur site because i have my Sorrow tab and i want to put it on here along with my other flyleaf tabs , if that’s alright with you but i don’t know how.

  3. Laura

    You guys know what makes me so mad? I just came off of YouTube from watching Flyleaf and people kept comparing them to Evanescence. I mean don’t get me wrong, Evanescence is a great band, my sister loves them. Its just that Flyleaf and Evanescence are TWO different bands but both have female lead singers. That’s awesome and all to show that hardrock-ish bands are not just for guys. But the problem is Evanescence is a different type because Flyleaf is a Christian or part Christian band., Amy Lee didn’t want Evanescence to be labled a Christian rock band, so people please stop comparring them saying that one is better than the other….it’s just your opinion, and if it’s not good, keep it to yourself.

    By the way, Brittany I love the layout, pictures, and songs I can’t wait for you to put up the MAAW tour EP!

  4. brandi

    hey i need to know something because i will freak out if its true i heard a rumor that flyleaf ans skillet are gonna tour together?? i dunno when it would be obviously after the 3 days grace and aussie tour so it would have to be the summer or something but i would love that so much i would comepletley freak out lol

  5. brandi

    ok so its not a rumor it TRUE!!!! AHHH lol watch the band pratice video and ben says i hope to see you guys out on the road when we are on tour with flyleaf ahh i need more info lol i need tour dates lol

  6. Joy

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Flyleaf & Skillet?!? Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
    I totally understand what that girl said when she was talking about the comparision between evanescence & flyleaf. Evanescence is no way the same style as flyleaf. I can say that for sure because I just bought evanescence ‘s new CD. Flyleaf is’nt as dark and dpressing as evanescence… I like flyleaf better because it sheds more light onto a situation

  7. Laura

    Thank you to see that everybody agrees with me. I mean people say even Avril Lavigne is better than Lacey, and that Lacey’s singing sucks. I don’t agree with that person because ever since Avril got married, her songs turned totally preppy it makes me sick. Flyleaf is not for everybody, and if you don’t like their style of music then don’t listen to them, there are plenty of other bands out there.

    Thank you to Brittany, and Joy to agreeing with me! Happy Holidays everyone!

  8. joy

    Yeah, Laura, you are welcome………
    I think avril sounds terrible, and dhe does NOT HAVE AS MUCH TALENT AS LLACEY
    nott to badmouth avril in any way… lol

  9. Laura

    I know and I don’t think that she is going to be married for very long because tabloids always split up couples. Avril doesn’t have any talent at all, I agree with you on that Joy, because she doesn’t really sing about her prblems, because they r problems the common person has so there is no story behind it, just lame lyrics about how she is complaining about her life. No offense to Avril fans, but I just don’t like her.

    Once again I can’t wait for the EP to be put on the radio!

  10. Laura

    Well, I am just tired of people comparing Flyleaf to other bands, sorry if I am hurting peoples’ feelings, and also I love Flyleaf I believe that nobody is as good as them. Thats only me and my opinion but I know that that alot of people have to agree with me.

  11. Francine

    I agree with you, nobody’s music speaks to me like Flyleaf’s, to me they’re the best. It’s just that Avril is good in her own right and deserves credit for what she does. I’m not a huge fan of her either but to say she has no talent at all. . . . that’s a little iffy.

  12. Laura

    Okay, didn’t mean she had no talent at all, I mean she has some or else I wouldn’t of bought her cd about a year ago, shes good, but not as great as Lacey, and i bet people or getting tired of my comments by now….

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