Voicemail, New Tour Dates, Fanart, Gallery and Videos

Flyleaf is participating in this nifty thing where you can sign up to get voicemail messages from the band while they’re on the road. To sign up for it, you all can click here. It’s pretty cool, and they do send the messages. Pat sent out a message last night. He basically summarized the tour and the goings on in their lives. So everyone sign up and listen to messages.

The band will be heading out on a small tour with Three Days Grace in early February. The tour dates are posted on the marquee and on the tour page. To all fans that are interested in going, I encourage you to take advantage of the presale that artistarena is holding. The username and password are “flyleaf” and “tickets” respectively.

In the media section, some new fanart pieces were uploaded. One drawing from Ali and one vexel from Stephanie. Both came out beautifully, so check them out. Also, a big thanks to Ali because we now have another set of videos coming. She recorded the Dallas MAAW show on her camera because she rocks. Thanks to Caleb for editing and uploading.

Edit:A German MTV interview featuring Lacey and Jim Root of Stone Sour was put up on the video page also.

Thanks to Dacia for sending in the new pictures in the gallery.

12 thoughts on “Voicemail, New Tour Dates, Fanart, Gallery and Videos

  1. Francine

    Did anybody know that they were appearing on Carson Daly again tonight? Was I just out of the loop or was this a spontaneous, unannounced thing? Well it hasn’t aired in California yet, so at least I’ll get to watch it.

  2. Michelle

    I signed up for that private phone thing for Flyleaf, but I don’t know how to add them to my list b/c I dont know the address. How do I set them up on my acount???

  3. brittany Post author

    If you sign up through the website linked to this post, the voicemails automatically go to your number. It’s pretty nifty.

  4. Michelle

    I still haven’t gotten a voice mail from them yet and it’s been up for awhile. I did use the link through this site, too. Oh, well.

  5. forsaken_disaster

    hey i tried to enter a thing into that contest but it won’t let me send it…it says that theres no email….what do i do or is there nothing i can do…that would suck….

  6. Deniseya

    websites o.k but still needs a little work and i think one thing that would make the site better is having all the songs off her cd tooo. Write back soon. BYE


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