Tour Dates, Gallery, Chart History

The lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song are now up in the discography. Also, in the band section, there are some new Australian tour dates as well as some new numbers for the chart history.

The contest is going well. I’ve gotten a bunch of great entries. Thanks to everyone who has made a wallpaper thus far. *puts on cheesy advertising voice* To everyone else, enter for your chance to win! :D

In the gallery, a few new additions were put up. Some from the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland were added, as well as some from a radio show there. A couple more from Flyleaf’s buzznet page, and a Japanese article from Rockin’ On magazine were also put up.

17 thoughts on “Tour Dates, Gallery, Chart History

  1. skatchick715

    i love all the songs and the lyrics, but RED SAM’s my favorite. i love it! it’s awsome! oh yeah and i think it would be cool if you could listen to the songs while you search the website that would be gnarly! oh yeah, and i cant speak japanese, but i wish i could!

  2. Caleb

    The old radio used to have a feature where it could be popped up into its own window so it would continue playing, but we’re currently running a newer test version where that isn’t set up. For now you can open two whole windows to Flyleafonline if you wanted I suppose… I’m sure we’ll look into getting that feature re-added at some point.

  3. alexa

    you know what, Flyleaf should ask the fans to take a vote on what the next video should be or which song has a good meaning to get out there to the rest of the world. it will be cool if they did that. and the most rated song with a powerful meaning to it should be the next video. oh and ur doing a great job on the site. don’t stress yourself out.

    *Flyleaf Are My angels*

  4. Laura

    I would like it if they made a video for All Around Me. I think that it would look cool because I always go crazy when I hear it! Also Flyleaf is my favorite band. They saved my life! I love Lacey’s lyrics and her voice. Her lyrics are so powerful, but when she sings them you all of a sudden understand the meaning, well to me that happens, I dont know about anyone else.

  5. skatchick715

    HEY, Laura you must be like my long lost sister or somthin cause i feel exactly the same way you do. but i like red sam better than all around me but its cause it has more meaning to me. I think i love their music because Lacey has found a way to say wat I’ve been thinkin for a long time but coulden’t firnd a way to say.

  6. Laura

    No I love red sam more, but I dont think that if they made a video of the song it would be any better. I used to be like Lacey…an atheist and all until i was listening to their songs more and more. I know I would think alot about things that she sings about but don’t pay any attention. Once I payed attention to the words that lacey was singing, i realized that it was part of my life that she had been through to.

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    i was at there concert in madison and they rocked its was sooo hard core and it was the coolest thing i have ever seen . but i was wondering if anyone feels the same way i do when i listen to there music i just get lost in it and all my cares and worries just disapear and i just feel like i am alive its the best feeling i have ever felt … and to laura i agree all around me is my favorit song it the hole world my favorite part it the begining when the guitar makes like the coolest noise i love it (i go crazy when i hear that song to )

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