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The first contest to win a MAAW Tour EP has opened. It’s a wallpaper contest that’s free to anyone who wants to enter. All the information as far as rules and entry info is included on that page. Good luck to everyone who joins!

In the band section, I updated the EP page and the sampler page with information on the MAAW EP and the new ST sampler. I’m working on getting correct lyrics for Justice and Mercy and the Christmas Song. I know I’d probably butcher them if I tried to figure some of them out.

The gallery has gotten a few new uploads. Click the pictures to be taken to the respective albums:

5 thoughts on “Contest, Discography, Gallery

  1. Nathan

    OK, yeah. I really want to know if it would be possible to get that EP somewhere other than the tour because i just missed the closest Flyleaf concert by 3 days and i went to the charity’s website and i really wanna help by buying this cd!! Please help.

  2. forsaken_disaster

    yeah…i went to one of the first concerts and they weren’t selling them yet cause of that mix up thing….but i tried to send in an entry for that contest thing but it wouldn’t let me….

  3. Kelsi

    You guys are amazing. The lyrics are hella phenominal. It’s so easy to relate, just the dynamics alone. Lacey your voice breathtaking. Rock on, you guys complete me


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