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Looks like the Holiday EP for charity is happening. The shipment got mixed up with some Barry Manilow because J Records is awesome. The CDs ended up making it to the band a little late. So if you went to the first few dates of the MAAW tour, you probably missed out on being able to purchase it. I believe the tracklisting is as follows:

1 – Fully Alive (Acoustic)
2 – Much Like Falling
3 – Justice and Mercy
4 – Lacey’s Christmas Song

So finally, after many questions and much anticipation, those songs are being released. I encourage you all to buy the EP’s at your shows as they’re for charity, and include rarities. Only 1,000 EPs are being made, so don’t hesitate. I’ll see if I can pick up some to give away as contest prizes in the future for everyone who might miss out on this tour.

As far as site updates go, the fanart page got a new drawing added to it. Michelle is the artist of that one, so thanks to her for sending it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates! :D

20 thoughts on “Holiday EP, Gallery, Fanart

  1. Autumn

    Hey Brit, I really want a CD and they are comming NO where nere here and I might cry if I dont have one. Or can you try to get Lacey’s Christmas song on the radio thing?? PLZZZZZZ

  2. ashley

    i really really really would like to hear lacey’s christmas song, but of course, flyleaf isnt playing on my side of the country. is there any way you could try to put it on the radio? please. i think i can speak for a good amount of people when i say we would really like to hear that song but are unable to get acess. thanks for all you guys do. happy thanksgiving.

  3. Morgan

    I was wondering when the ” I’m SO SIck Video” from the Carson Dily show will be put up for us to see. I’m EXCITED!!!!



  4. Brittani

    I want one of those badly. Sadly I won’t be attending any of the shows. If someone is going and buying alot I’d totally be interested in buying one from you. Just email me or something. :O)

  5. Kryssa

    I really like the SUpernatural Acoustic version, but when i click the Purchase link i cant seem to download, or purchase it, i even downloaded rhapsody to buy it, but i cant even find the the SUpernatural single on rhapsody
    PLZ HELP :]

  6. brittany Post author

    I’m So Sick wasn’t on the broadcasted version of the Carson Daly show I don’t think. At least not the one I saw. Just Fully Alive.

    To those who are asking me if I’m going to put up the songs — that’s a big no until the tour is over. For those of you going to shows, be patient and buy it. For those of you that aren’t going to the shows, be patient and the songs will be on the radio around Christmas. This is for charity, and I don’t want to take away from that by making it easy to pirate the music.

    To Kryssa, there have been issues surrounding that particular song on Rhapsody. If you can’t make it work, I’m not sure what to tell you. Just continue keeping an eye out for it and listen on the radio blog. Maybe it’ll show up again soon.

    To everyone who wants me to post copyrighted songs for download — it’s not going to happen unless I get permission, or unless its available for free somewhere. Sometimes there are exceptions, and in those cases, I always do my best to help you out.

    I’ll be holding contests in the future where you can win EPs. So keep a look out for that. If anyone has ideas to get the contests going, feel free to email me.

    Thanks guys.

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