Article, New Tour Date and Signing, Gallery Updates

Edit: The video page was updated with two more performances from the Six Flags show. Brittany’s been a busy worker bee lately so I hadn’t had a chance to tell her they were ready for the new update. Enjoy. –Caleb

Hey everyone — glad you’re liking the new layout. I’ll see what I can do about adding the acoustic Supernatural to the radio.

In the band section, I added a new interview up that Pat and Sameer did while they were in Germany. They talk about making the record, and their time in Germany amongst other things.

The tour page was updated with a new date that the band is playing in New Hampshire. They’ll be doing a live show at Newbury Comics in Manchester and they’ll be signing autographs after the show. The show starts at 5PM and it’s free so get there early to get a good spot.

The video section is complete. Now you can stream every video on the site. Big, gigantic, enormous thank you to Caleb for doing the live shows page for me. He rules sometimes. :D

In the gallery, I uploaded an album of pictures from Flyleaf’s shows in Germany. I’m not sure which pictures are from where though, so I’ll have to sort them when I find out.

48 thoughts on “Article, New Tour Date and Signing, Gallery Updates

  1. Jordan

    hey! thanks soooo much for the radio updates! is there any way you can put up the lyrics to Stay(Faraway, So Close)? thank you!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!

  2. Kerri

    hey, guys, love the new radio updates. your site is awesome. I found the lyrics for Stay(Faraway, So Close) but i had to make some adjustments cause whoever transcribed them didn’t get the exactly right, anyway. love the site. enjoy. : )

    green light, seven eleven
    you stop in for a pack of cigarettes
    you don’t smoke
    don’t even want to
    hang out, check your change

    dressed up like a car crash
    wheels are turning but your upside-down
    you say when he hits you
    you don’t mind
    because when he hurts you,
    you feel alive

    oh, is that what it is

    red lights, gray morning
    you stumble out of a whole in the ground
    a vampire or a victim
    it depends on who’s around
    you used to stay in to watch the adverse,
    you could to lip-synch to the talk shows
    and if you look, you look through me
    and when you talk, it’s not to me
    and when I touch you, you don’t feel a thing

    if I could stay then a night would give you up
    stay and the day would keep its trust
    stay and the night would be alive

    far away, so close
    up with the static and the radio
    with satellite, television
    you can go any where
    Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast, and Berlin
    and if you listen I can call
    and if you jump, you just might fall
    and if you shout I’ll only hear you

    if I could stay then a night would give you up
    stay and the day would keep its trust
    stay with the demons you drowned
    stay with the spirit I found
    stay and the night would be alive

    Oh… Oh… Oh…Oh

    three o’ clock in the morning
    it’s quite and there’s no one around
    just a bang and a clatter
    as angel rams the ground
    just a bang and a clatter
    as angel hits the ground

  3. Jem

    aaaagh! saw the words Newbury & Manchester and thought ‘omg, Flyleaf are coming to the UK!!! ‘Turns out to be Newbury & Manchester in New Hampshire. What a let-down! I was lucky enough to meet the band in Germany and aksed Lacey if they had any plans to come to the UK, but she said she didnt know of any. I’m sure they would be HUGE over here and I would do everything in my power to get them publicity. Guys, come & play for your devoted Brit fans next year, pleeeeease!!!

  4. jami

    DUDE i didnt notice this but i was reading the thank yous and it said i was like W000000000000t! my favourite site!!! you rock w00t

  5. brandi

    hey outta curiousity in the germany pic does anyone know what laceys dress says on the front of it?? its got something like sown on the front just curious to know what it says

  6. brittany noel

    i love the new songs on the radio. thank you sooo much.

    so anyways, i’m anxious to see if you can get a video of the Germany show when Pat threw up at the end. hahaha. sick.

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  13. Amberinoo

    hi, this site is amazing, I’ve been looking everywhere for Stay (faraway so close) and am so grateful for it being on here. Since then I heard the acoustic supernatural and was wondering if it will come up on this site as a download like Stay at any time?


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