New Stuff

New layout. New RSS feature. New radio and a new song. New streaming feature on some of the video pages. I’ll work on getting the rest of the videos up and streaming soon. Each video has to have its own individually coded page, so hopefully I’ll have the live shows page (which has 104 videos) up within this century.

Hope everyone enjoys it. If you have requests for the radio, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. :D

*falls over and goes to bed*

27 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. Kryssa

    question tho
    i really like that version of broken wings,in your radioblog, which cd/ep has that version on it, or how/where can i download it?

  2. brittany Post author

    That particular version of Broken Wings is available on the site. I don't know if that particular version was available on the Passerby EPs (since I'm too lazy to compare ha), but I do know that Kevin Kotzur was the producer and Dang Studios was where it was recorded.

    The link to download it is here:

    BTW — Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll put up a page that links to the radio to show where you can get the songs on it. A lot of people are always wondering, so I might as well put it one place.

  3. JP

    the new layout is def. easy on the eyes!

    whenever we get a hold of the “pride” cover, i want to see it in the

  4. alexa

    thanks for putting up the page brittany. i was about to ask about “supernatural” too because the version i got is not like your radio version. it’s kinda different but the same. but i wanted to ask where to get the radio version of Supernatural if you mind me asking so i can download it. it’s weired. =). i don’t want to work you ok so if you can, it’ll be cool but if you can’t, it’ll be cool also cuz i don’t want to stress you out. i’m trying to put this as nicely as i could because to me, it doesn’t sound nice.hehehe. but thanks anyway. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

    p.s -sorry if this is too long. =)

  5. alexa

    omg, i’m soo sorry for not saying anything about the site. i was sick yesterday when i saw it and left a comment. i love it so much. you did really great on it.*pat on the back*. keep it up.

  6. jami

    dude you are the shiiiiiiattttt i cant believe you run this website its freaking amazing! oh sorry but i used ur lacey layout a couple of times. how can i download Something I Can Never Have? i cant find it ANYWHERE and its a perty sweet song. oh, i know we dont know each other or anything, but you have inspired me to get a flyleaf tattoo. yay or nay? i know, my body my choice but which one should i get?

  7. Courtney

    YOU ARE SO AWESOME, BRITTANY!!! Dude, I am just so amazed at how much you keep getting out of like nothing. I’m thinking, “How can that chick update when there’s nothing going on?”

    Haha, you totally pull it off! GREAT job! If they ever make like some serious fan club, I’m totally voting you as pres and Caleb as vice. AWESOME job and I frickin heart the new layout.

    Flyleaf owes you a lot of their success!!!


  8. hope

    Flyleaf is the best band ever there christin and rock and i love that. they rock my world!! when you see them on stage in frount of you it just blows you away every time. they rock my freaking world.

    God Bless Flyleaf


  9. Marika

    Wow the site looks great! Question: could you put up the Supernatural acoustic version? I can’t figure out how to make it stream on Rhapsody cause I’m technologically illiterate.

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