Coming Soon To Theatres

Edit: I found what looks to be the tracklisting for the Family Values Tour DVD and CD. From what I understand the two will be sold separately. On the CD, Flyleaf will have tracks for I’m So Sick and Pride (In The Name Of Love) with Richard Patrick, and on the DVD they’ll have I’m So Sick and Something I Can Never Have. The DVD and CD should be released on December 26th according to the FVT site. You can sign up to promote the release here.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and kickin’. The Flyleaf world has been a little quiet as of late with the band overseas, so I’ve been doing some stuff behind the scenes. A big feature is going to be unveiled in the near future. I’m not sure how near, because it’s proving to be a lot of work, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it once it’s ready. I’m also fiddling with a new look for the site with a slightly different setup. If anyone has thoughts on what they’d like to see on it, feel free to send an email with suggestions.

Onto the updates (which are few, but better than nothing)! The chart history has been updated. They’re up to about 421,000 albums sold now.

The video page has a couple new additions. Continued thanks to Francine and Caleb for those. Speshul thanks to Caleb for updating for me when I was real tired. Work has been kicking my butt as of late.

Anddddd in the gallery, some more from the Cornerstone Festival were added as well as a few of Flyleaf with fans.

Also, a biiiiiiiiiiig, giant happy birthday to Pat and Jared. *<8D

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon To Theatres

  1. Barc0de

    wow! great layout. good work! maybe a little bit too dark but i think it’s okay.

    isn’t “stay (faraway, so close)” a u2 song too?

  2. Drea

    Awesome website! Layout is great, just wondering where you got the extra playlist songs. I have their first c-d. Just wondering if you could email me back and tell me where I could purchase the c-d w/ the extra songs…thanks!


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