A Fresh Updating Face

So… Brittany’s off in dreamland because she works like a slave these days, which means I’ll be bringing you folks the update tonight. To start off with, we’ve got three new videos from the Six Flags performance up on the video page, so check those out. Thanks again to Francine for sharing that show; I start to feel like something’s missing if I go too long without working on a Flyleaf live show, ha.

Next, some additions were made to the gallery. A new shot was added from the Cornerstone Festival, as well as some from Loud Park and a few fan candids.

The chart history page was also updated with some new numbers.

An incredible acoustic version of Supernatural was released on Rhapsody a couple days ago, but as of press time here, it didn’t seem to be available any longer. Justin is our resident Rhapsody person so if it ends up being available after all, we can point our collective blame fingers at him =). In any case, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

On a different note, the staff page was updated the other day with a couple things about yours truly. I’m probably not as exciting (or as pretty…) as Brittany, but hey, there’s something up there if anyone ever happened to wonder.

18 thoughts on “A Fresh Updating Face

  1. Justin

    hehehehehe good job SB ;) and yes ill keep looking for the rhapsody thing for you all.

    and whats this crap about prettyness? none of that.

  2. Barc0de

    rhapsody sucks…only americans are allowed to hear the song…but let’s forget that

    i watched the new videos from that gig at six flags. the floor seems to be slippery. first lacey tumbling in breathe today and then pat lying on the floor in fully alive (i guess that was the song). but why doesn’t lacey talk with the audience? or did francine simply cut that parts out? she never sais thank you or how the next song will be called…it’s like she doesn’t like being there somehow..

  3. Francine

    She only talked in between some songs. When she does she talks for a while, so It’s coming. I didn’t cut anything out.

  4. Barc0de

    lol i meant “good”. i just wrote too fast and forgot the o.

    and the reason why i think she doesn’t fell good: well the thing is i made the experience if someone doesn’t talk to the audience then he doesn’t really care about them or doesn’t feel good. he/she just wants to finish the gig. i’ve never seen flyleaf live (but in 5 days i will *so happy*) so i can’t really tell anything about it (except what i have seen in live vids).

  5. Barc0de

    does anyone know the setlist from their support show? they tour with stone sour right now. would be nice if anyone could tell me what they will play

  6. Tara Polly

    hey, anyone out there, flyleaf is freaken awsome!!!!!!!! just to let everyone know that flyleaf u freaken rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jessica

    I know that Flyleaf is the best band in the world and I think that everyone should listen to them because they are so freakin awesome!!!!!!! Flyleaf Kicks A**!

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